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Roland RotoCAMM MDX-40AE

Versatile 3D Capable Miller/Router/Engraver The Ideal Machine for Schools

Direct TechSoft Design Control
Roland Miller/Routers are the only milling/routing machines to be DIRECTLY CONTROLLED from TechSoft Design V3 (formerly 2D Design V2)

Roland MDX-40AE

Roland MDX-40AE
Pictured on optional TechSoft workstation for milling
(computer not included)
The MDX-40AE has been designed by Roland in close collaboration with TechSoft to provide a low-cost and robust machine specifically to meet the needs of UK education.
Model:Roland MDX-40AE
Axis Travel:305 x 305 x 105mm
Max. Machinable:305 x 305 x 75mm
Maximum Feed Rate (X,Y):50mm/sec
Maximum Feed Rate (Z):30mm/sec
Spindle Speed Range:4500 to 15000rpm
Dimensions:669(W) x 760(D) x 544(H)mm
*N.B. Extraction only required if cutting fine dust materials eg., foam, MDF, etc.

Optional Extras

Self Centering Vice
Self-Centering Vice

3D machining one side of an object is easy, but if the object needs to be machined all round how do you hold it? TechSoft have designed a low cost solution to this problem, a special self-centering vice.

Scanning Head Scanning Head
Scanning Head

To enhance the versatility of this superb machine even further, an optional contact scanning head is available. This quickly interchanges with the cutter head and means that just one machine can fulfil all the requirements of most schools for 3D work.

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What is a RotoCAMM MDX-40AE?
The MDX-40AE has been designed by Roland in close collaboration with TechSoft to provide a low-cost and robust machine specifically to meet the needs of UK education. The machine has an exceptionally large working envelope for its class - the 305mm square bed often allows several pupils’ work to be machined in one operation, and 105mm of Z travel will accommodate large-scale 3D models. Rigid, heavy duty construction and a 100W spindle motor allow it to take quite heavy cuts in lighter materials, so fewer passes are needed. Combined with faster axis speeds, throughput now becomes realistic enough for class sets of project work to be machined during normal lesson time. It can even machine light alloys if allowed time for multiple fine passes.

Versatility and Ease of Use
The MDX-40AE is clever too. Connections on the machine allow an optional 3D contact scanner to be fitted and there is even an optional 4th Axis unit to enable advanced machining routines for demanding senior students. To further complete the package we have now developed an optional jig to enable schools to machine streamlined car bodies for the F1 Challenge.

Tool set-up is easy using TechSoft’s own top-loading collet system, but the machine also has a standard 6mm collet so a vast array of specialist tooling becomes available including TechSoft’s own range of long reach cutters designed for deep 3D machining. For simple 2D profiles, machine set-up and output is direct from 2D Design V2. Should you need full manual control over the machine, then there is an intuitive on-screen Virtual Control Panel. This also lets you use Roland’s ingenious Z0 sensor – a unique feature for such a low-cost machine. The sensor gives an easy and precise way to set Z0 when not using top-loading tools.

Why Choose a RotoCAMM MDX-40AE?
It is always tempting to want for more capacity, more speed and more power, but we believe that the MDX-40E will meet the CNC milling, routing and engraving needs of most departments and at a modest price. It is simple to use, tough and quick enough to deal with day to day work, but clever enough for advanced work if you ask it. Many departments buy two or more of these machines rather than one larger machine. A larger machine may well give you capacity in reserve, but it could be an intimidating prospect for younger pupils in particular.
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Prices (excluding VAT)

TechSoft/Roland RotoCAMM MDX-40AE (inc. TechSoft Inset Pack & Visual Toolpath Software)
Order Code: MP-ROTO-MDX40AE
RotoCAMM MDX-40AE Workstation Package.
(includes Machine, TechSoft Training Pack, Visual Toolpath software, Self-Centering Vice and TechSoft Workstation inc. auto-switched extractor with attachment)
Order Code: MP7-ROTO-MDX40AE
Optional Extras
Optional Scanning Head for RotoCAMM MDX-40AE/MDX-40E/TS-30E
Order Code: RL-ROTO-TS30SCAN
Recommended Extras
TechSoft Mobile Workstation for Milling 1400x800x850mm (c/w underbench cupboards containing in-built sockets, auto-switched extractor with manual override, Gratnell trays and storage space for computer)
Order Code: TF-WS3-C1
Self-Centering Vice (inc.TechSoft Inset Pack)
Order Code: RL-ROTO-VICE
Extraction Attachment
Order Code: RL-ROTO-VAC1
Numatic Standard Extractor, Single Motor
(Included in TechSoft Workstation TF-WS1-C1)
Recommended Tooling
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Mixed Tool Pack (General set of tools) (Save £5)
(TA-UC-1164, TA-ECT4-40, TA-SD4-2, TA-SD4-4, TA-BN4-2)
Order Code: TP-MIX-40E
3D Tool Pack (Specialist 3D tools) (Save £7)
(TA-SD6LR-2, TA-SD6LR-4, TA-BN6Lr-2, TA-BN6LR-4)
Order Code: TP-3D-40E
PCB Tool Pack (Specialist PCB tools) (Save £5)
(TA-UC-1164, TA-ECT4-40, TA-SD4-2, TA-PD4-0.8, TA-PD4-1)
Order Code: TP-PCB-40E
Recommended Materials
For details of this pack and our full range of materials click here
Mixed Pre-Cut Materials Pack for MDX-40AE (Save £15)
Contains rotary engraving laminate (TAP4-P2); Forex Classic (TAFC4-3-P1, TAFC4-5-P1); PCB engraving laminate (TACB4-10); high density foam (TAFH4-25-10, TAFH4-50-5); modelling board (TAMB4-25-2); sacrificial bed (TC-TS30-BED); double-sided tape (TA-TAPE)
Order Code: TPM2-MDX40
Recommended Software
TechSoft Design V3More Info
TechSoft PCB V3More Info

What's Included

Z0 Sensor
Z-0 Sensor

This is a unique feature for such a low-cost machine. The sensor gives an easy and precise way to set Z0 when not using top-loading tools.

Free Education Training Pack worth £175
Training Pack

The Training Pack gives you everything you need to get the machine unpacked and earning its keep in the shortest time possible. We have distilled key information into a series of tutorials that will guide you through setting-up, and then a series of projects that illustrate the full potential of the machine for simple 2D profiling, PCB isolation engraving and full 3D modelling. Each pack contains a project CD, a booklet to guide you and a selection of tools, collets and materials. This includes TechSoft’s own tooling and collet system to make tool set-up and tool changing a breeze. Completing the Training Pack is not onerous; it will provide a sample set of project ideas - such as the ones shown below - and the confidence to develop your own ideas.

Bookmark Box Keyfob PCB Sample Foam Sample Foam Sample

Includes Tools and Accessories worth £129:

Slot Drill (TA-SD4-2); Ball Nosed Cutter (TA-BN4-2); Engraving Tool (TA-ECT4-40); Tool adaptor (TA-ADAPT1-M4); Upper Collets (2 x TC-UC-1164); Sacrificial Bed (TC-TS30-BED); Tape (TA-TAPE)

UK Mainland & Ireland: 1 Year On-site
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect