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Roland SRM-20E

Low Cost 3D Capable Miller/Router/Engraver

Roland SRM-20E

Direct Control
Direct TechSoft Design Control
Roland Miller/Routers are the only milling/routing machines to be DIRECTLY CONTROLLED from TechSoft Design V3 (formerly called 2D Design V2)

Roland SRM-20E

(excluding VAT)
Products/MillingRouting/SRM20ERoland SRM-20E (inc. TechSoft Inset Pack)
Order Code: MP-RL-SRM20E
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Product Description
What is an SRM-20E?
The SRM-20E is a fully featured 3-Axis CNC milling machine which provides an excellent resource for one-off 2D and 2.5D projects in plastics and common modelling materials. Output for this purpose is direct from 2D Design V2 using the simple, familiar output routine. The SRM-20E also comes into its own for 3D work. The 203 x 152 x 60mm machining envelope is very generous for a machine in this class and will allow for most individual student projects. Models can be machined to fine tolerances with an excellent surface finish. To maximise work flow in a busy workshop, schools could usefully create a 3D Rapid Prototyping centre using two or more SRM-20Es rather than a single, higher capacity but more expensive machine. Machines are supplied with a TechSoft Inset pack and Roland utility software to convert .stl format files for machining. SRM-20 is compatible with Visual Toolpath. Although at additional cost, we recommend Visual Toolpath as the most student-friendly way to convert .stl files and configure 3D output.

Why Choose a SRM-20E?
Although an entry-level machine, the SRM-20E is designed and built to professional standards specifically to provide in-house SRM (Subtractive Rapid Manufacturing) capability in a professional design studio. In education, an SRM-20E is sufficiently robust to stand the rigours of the classroom but remains a compact, self-contained resource that could safely be moved if required. Output speed and work capacity is ideal for individual student projects and batch production of smaller items.

CAD/CAM Milling - for Primary Schools Too!
SRM-20E is a friendly, safe and simple machine to use which makes it ideal to introduce genuine CAD/CAM milling to primary pupils. We have developed our 2D Primary software to output directly to SRM-20E. Individual pupils or small groups can now machine their own badges, puzzles or moulds with unprecedented accuracy. They will be learning about modern production methods and gaining experience with a real computer control system.

Roland SRM-20E and ARM-10

Additive Rapid Manufacturing (3D printing) sits alongside Subtractive Rapid Manufacturing (milling) as an alternative 3D prototyping technique. Taken together, SRM and ARM gives designers the versatility they need to be able to produce prototypes and end-use parts for a huge variety of applications. The matched-styling of the ARM-10 and SRM-20E therefore makes perfect sense! The ARM-10 is Roland’s ground-breaking new 3D Printer that builds with photo-sensitive resins and an image projection system to cure successive model layers. Resins and materials used in the ARM-10 process do need careful handling though, so classroom use will need close supervision.
Ideal for Education
Roland SRM-20E
A fully-featured, compact 3-Axis milling machine with exceptional 3D capability. The SRM-20E provides an ideal resource for individual projects and a versatile platform to demonstrate the full range of 2D, 2.5D and 3D CNC milling technology.
What's Included
Roland SRM-20E Training Pack Contents
Free TechSoft Education Training Pack
The Training Pack gives you everything you need to get the machine unpacked and earning its keep in the shortest time possible. We have distilled key information into a series of tutorials that will guide you through setting-up, and then a series of projects that illustrate the full potential of the machine for simple 2D profiling, PCB isolation engraving and full 3D modelling. Each pack contains a project CD, a booklet to guide you and a selection of tools, collets and materials. This includes TechSoft’s own tooling and collet system to make tool set-up and tool changing a breeze. Completing the Training Pack is not onerous; it will provide a sample set of project ideas - such as the ones shown below - and the confidence to develop your own ideas.

Includes Tools and Accessories:
  • Slot Drill (TA-SD4MP-2);
  • Engraving Tool (TA-ECT4MP-40);
  • Tool adaptors (2 x TA-ADAPT1-M4);
  • Hex Tools (TA-HEXTOOL20, TX-HEXDRIVER7);
  • Table Spacers (TA-SRM20-SPAC4);
  • Sacrificial Bed (TC-SRM20-BED);
  • Tape (TA-TAPE)
  • Variety of sample materials for example projects.
Product Specifications
Axis Travel:203 x 152 x 60mm
Max. Machinable:203 x 152 x 60mm
Maximum Feed Rate:30mm/sec
Spindle Speed:Up to 7000rpm
Dimensions:451(W) x 427(D) x 427(H)mm
Warranty:UK Mainland & Ireland: 1 Year Return to Base
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect
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TechSoft Mobile Workstation for Knife Cutting / Embroidery / LIT / Mojo 1400x800x850mm
(c/w underbench cupboards containing in-built sockets, drawers, shelves and storage space for computer)
Order Code: TF-WS3-C2
Recommended Tooling
Mixed Tool Pack (General set of tools) (Save £5)
Order Code: TP-MIX-SRM20E
3D Tool Pack (Specialist 3D tools) (Save £7)
(TA-SD6LR-2, TA-SD6LR-4, TA-BN6Lr-2, TA-BN6LR-4)
Order Code: TP-3D-40E
PCB Tool Pack (Specialist 3D tools) (Save £5)
(TA-ADAPT-M3, TA-ADAPT-M4, TA-ECT4MP-40, TA-SD4MP-2, TA-PD3M-0.8, TA-PD3m-1)
Order Code: TP-PCB-SRM20E
Recommended Materials
Mixed Pre-Cut Materials Pack for SRM-20E/MDX-20E (Save £15)
Contains rotary engraving laminate (TAP2-P2); Foam Board (TAFM2-3-P1, TAFM2-5-P1); PCB engraving laminate (TACB2-10); high density foam (TAFH2-40-24); modelling board (TAMB2-25-5); sacrificial bed (TC-MDX20-BED); double-sided tape (TA-TAPE)
Order Code: TPM2-MDX20
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