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Roland Modela MDX-50E

Miller/Router with Automatic Tool Changer

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Roland Modela MDX-50E

Direct Control
Direct TechSoft Design Control
Roland Miller/Routers are the only milling/routing machines to be DIRECTLY CONTROLLED from TechSoft Design V3 (formerly called 2D Design V2)

Roland Modela MDX-50E

(excluding VAT)
Roland MDX-50E
(Includes 6 x 6mm tool holders, 1 x 4mm tool holder and 1 x 3mm tool holder)
Order Code: MP-RL-MDX50E
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Product Description
What is an MDX-50E?
The MDX-50 has been built with features to meet the demands and tight-deadlines of professional design studios, but like all Roland equipment this model is simple and intuitive to use and will be equally at home in the school or university workshop. For a compact bench-top machine the working area is simply massive – larger machines fall into the category of production prototyping or large-format routing. With its brushless DC spindle motor and advanced drive mechanics, the MDX-50 mills incredibly smooth and accurate prototypes in a massive range of materials, at eye-wateringly high speeds. The built in control panel allows setup operations and on-the-fly adjustments to be made at the machine, while the computer based virtual control panel has sophisticated features such as tool life management and machine code editing. An optional dust extraction kit keeps the work area tidy, while any heavy waste falls into a built-in debris collection drawer. This versatile machine is ideal for modelling complex 3D shapes, cutting acrylic profiles, or engraving PCBs with astoundingly high levels of precision.

Intuitive Software
Once again, TechSoft have collaborated with Roland to ensure seamless integration with 2D Design V2 to make the most of this advanced machine in a familiar software environment. For 3D work, SRP Player software from Roland is included in the package. This wizard based software simplifies the process of setting up complex tool paths, guiding the user by straightforward step-by-step setup routines. Built in animated virtual machining allowing students to preview the finish and estimate machining duration before the machine is put into action.

Why Choose the MDX-50?
You can’t buy time, but the automated start-to-finish machining capability will certainly save you some. If you need extra capacity and a versatile compact desktop machine, this is the model for you.

Automatic Tool Changer
The built in 5 position Automatic Tool Changer really does make life simple. Tool holders which are available for shank diameters up to 6mm are loaded into the stocker, and the machine then takes over and calibrates each one automatically. The Z0 position is set with a sensor whenever a new material is loaded, and the machine does the rest. Tools are selected by simply specifying their number in 2D Design or SRP Player software.
Roland MDX-50E
Ideal for Education
Roland Modela MDX-50E
The MDX-50E increases performance with an expanded machining area of 400(X)x305(Y)x135(Z)mm and increased operating speeds (thanks to a faster speed rate), while reducing production time with faster job processing and an automatic tool changer for continuous operation without stopping to change milling tools.
Roland MDX-50E
(Includes 6 x 6mm tool holders, 1 x 4mm tool holder and 1 x 3mm tool holder)
Order Code: MP-RL-MDX50E
Optional Rotary Axis Unit
Optional Rotary Axis Unit
Optional Rotary Axis Unit
For automated full-3D machining operations, the optional Rotary Axis Unit means that work can be left unattended from start to finish.
Rotary Unit for Roland MDX-50
Order Code: RL-MDX50ROT
Product Specifications
Axis Travel:400 x 305 x 135mm
Max. Machinable:400 x 305 x 105mm
Maximum Feed Rate (X,Y):60mm/sec
Maximum Feed Rate (Z):50mm/sec
Spindle Speed Range:4500 to 15000rpm
Dimensions:760(W) × 900(D) × 732(H)mm
Warranty:UK Mainland & Ireland: 1 Year On-Site
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect
Optional Extras
Rotary Unit for Roland MDX-50
Order Code: RL-MDX50ROT
Recommended Tooling
Mixed Tool Pack (General set of tools) (Save £5)
Order Code: TP-MIX-50E
3D Tool Pack (Specialist 3D tools) (Save £7)
Order Code: TP-3D-50E
PCB Tool Pack (Specialist PCB tools) (Save £5)
(2xRLP-MDX50-ZH3, TA-EC6-40S, TA-SDEA-2, TA-PD3I-0.8, TA-PD3I-1)
Order Code: TP-PCB-50E
Recommended Materials
Mixed Pre-Cut Materials Pack for MDX-50E (Save £17)
Contains rotary engraving laminate (TAP7-P2); Forex Classic (TAFC7-3-P1, TAFC7-5-P1); PCB engraving laminate (TACB7-5); high density foam (TAFH8-25-6, TAFH8-50-3); modelling board (TAMB7-25-2); sacrificial bed (TC-MDX50-BED); double-sided tape (TA-TAPE)
Order Code: TPM2-MDX50