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CAD/CAM PCB Design & Manufacture
PCB Design and Manufacture
TechSoft PCB software provides a student-friendly means to design circuit boards of almost any complexity. The output side of the package is (in effect) a fully-featured application in its own right and offers three PCB production options.
Printing Artwork
Output to a printer will provide the necessary 1:1 scale artwork needed for UV exposure and photo-etching. Tracks and pads will automatically be solid-filled in black and inverted for the solder layer.
Self-Adhesive PCBs
Stika and CAMM 1 knife-cutting machines will happily cut self-adhesive ‘Cutronics’ copper foil. Output from TechSoft PCB will produce an accurate knife-cut track layout that can be peeled and stuck to a suitable substrate.
Engraving PCBs
Isolation engraving is well-proven for commercial PCB prototyping and has many benefits in education. Output from TechSoft PCB automatically inverts the design and creates a tool path around and between each pad and track. Any of TechSoft’s CNC milling machines will quickly engrave copper-clad board to isolate each track, cut the board to profile and drill precisely at pad centres.
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