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Cantilever Workstations

High Quality Workstation Range, Ideal for Educational Use

Cantilever Workstations provide a smart and long-lasting furniture solution for general teaching areas and Technology rooms in particular. Units are modular in nature and based on 1200, 1500 or 1800mm lengths and 600 or 800mm work surface depths. Used with matching corner units and underbench cupboards you will have the building blocks and flexibility to furnish almost any teaching space. To provide a bespoke solution, the basic Workstation is just the beginning. Sharing the same modular dimensions, a range of accessories now becomes available to create a custom teaching space for a wide variety of Technology teaching options.

ICT and Computing

A range of cable management options, monitor stands and CPU trays securely fasten to the workstation to provide a smart and ergonomically sensitive solution for all types of computer-based work.

See Computer Workstations for full details.

PECT - Pneumatics, Electronics and Control Technology

PECT Trunking
The on-bench facilities are all based around a modular trunking unit that fastens to the back edge of the workstation.

There are almost endless permutations of what facilities (and combinations of facility) can be selected but, in essence, options are based on the following:

• 240V sockets
• Fixed 5V DC protected power supply via standard 4mm sockets
• Dual rail protected power supply in stepped increments from 5V to 15V DC.
• Dual rail protected power supply adjustable from 5V to 15V DC. with integral analogue metering.
• Compressed air outlet for pneumatics work.
• 24V soldering iron supply.
• Solder fume extraction ports.
• RJ45 network ports.

See Electronics for full details.

Height Adjustable PECT Workstation

Height Adjustable PECT Workstation
This 1200 x 750mm workstation is fitted with MPLV mains/low voltage trunking with a 24V soldering iron supply. The workstation can also have additional fume extraction trunking added which can be connected to a suitable extraction unit.

See Electronics for full details.

Basic Workstation

Basic Cantilever Workstation

Optional Underbench Cupboards

Cantilever Workstation with Underbench Cupboards
This underbench cupboard is designed to fit the 1500 x 800mm version of the Cantilever Workstation (above) and provides a general storage facility for a wide range of applications, while still providing ample leg room even for adults. They are produced in two configurations, the SF-DESK2GCS has shelves and the SF-DESK2GCT is supplied with 20 trays.

Height Adjustable Workstation

Height Adjustable Workstation
This height adjustable workstation allows access for all students and should be considered for inclusion in all work areas. The height of the work surface can be adjusted from 670mm to 970mm high using a removable winding handle.

Prices (excluding VAT)

Height Adjustable PECT Workstation
Special Needs PECT Workstation (1200x750x670-970mm)
Order Code: SF-DESK5
Basic Workstation
Cantilever Workstation (960x600x725mm)
Order Code: SF-DESK2A
Cantilever Workstation (1200x600x725mm)
Order Code: SF-DESK2B
Cantilever Workstation (1500x600x725mm)
Order Code: SF-DESK2C
Cantilever Workstation (1800x600x725mm)
Order Code: SF-DESK2D
Cantilever Workstation (960x800x725mm)
Order Code: SF-DESK2E
Cantilever Workstation (1200x800x725mm)
Order Code: SF-DESK2F
Cantilever Workstation (1500x800x725mm)
Order Code: SF-DESK2G
Cantilever Workstation (1800x800x725mm)
Order Code: SF-DESK2H
Round Corner Table
Round Corner Table for 600mm deep Cantilever Workstations SF-DESK2A/B/C/D
Order Code: SF-DESK2ARCT
Round Corner Table for 800mm deep Cantilever Workstations SF-DESK2E/F/G/H
Order Code: SF-DESK2ERCT
Underbench Cupboards
Underbench Cupboards with Shelves for SF-DESK2G only
Order Code: SF-DESK2GCS
Underbench Cupboard with Trays for SF-DESK2G only
Order Code: SF-DESK2GCT
Height Adjustable Workstation
Special Needs PECT (1200x750x670-970mm)
Order Code: SF-DESK3