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Roland Modela Pro II MDX-540E

Large, Powerful, Ultra High Speed 3D Capable Miller/Router

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Roland Modela Pro II MDX-540E

Roland Modela Pro II MDX-540E

Product Discontinued
The Roland MDX-540E has been discontinued. Please see our milling/routing range for alternative machines.
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Roland Modela Pro II MDX-540E
Roland Modela Pro II MDX-540E
The MDX-540E is like no other heavy duty CNC milling machine. It has been engineered without compromise to achieve extraordinary levels of smoothness, quietness and speed, to give designers and engineers the ultimate in fast 3D modelling capability.
What's Included
Free Education Training Pack
Free Education Training Pack
The Training Pack gives you everything you need to get the machine unpacked, assembled and earning its keep in the shortest time possible. We have distilled key information into a series of tutorials that will guide you through setting-up and then a series of projects that illustrate the full potential of the machine for simple 2D profiling, PCB isolation engraving and full 3D modelling. Each pack contains a project CD, a booklet to guide you and a comprehensive selection of tools, collets and materials. This includes TechSoft’s own tooling and collet system to make tool set-up and tool changing a breeze. Completing the Training Pack is not onerous; it will provide a sample set of project ideas - such as the ones shown below - and the confidence to develop your own ideas.

Includes Tools and Accessories: Slot Drill (TA-SD4MP-2); Ball Nosed Cutter (TA-BN4MP-2); Engraving Tool (TA-ECT4MP-40); Tool adaptor (TA-ADAPT1-M4); 6-7mm Collet (TA-COLLET-D67); Locating Rings (2 x TC-M4-LOCRING); Table Spacers (TA-MDX540-SPACER); Hex Tool (TA-HEXTOOL20); USB Cable (CB031); Sacrificial Bed (TC-MDX540-BED); Tape (TA-TAPE)
Product Videos
Product Description
What is a Modela Pro ll MDX-540E?
The MDX-540E is like no other heavy duty CNC milling machine. It has been engineered without compromise to achieve extraordinary levels of smoothness, quietness and speed, to give designers and engineers the ultimate in fast 3D modelling capability. Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) provides the means to produce models at a cost and in materials not possible with other rapid prototyping systems. When you compare the MDX-540E to its “competition” you will find it to be in a class of its own but at a highly competitive price.

Ultimate 3D Capability
Schools and colleges wanting to include large or small scale 3D modelling as a routine activity will find no other machine to do the job as quickly or as accurately as the MDX-540E. It will happily machine plastics, timber, modelling materials and light alloy at impressive speed. Capability can be further enhanced with an optional self-centering vice, T-slot bars and machine vice.

Intuitive Control
Control for 2D work is mainly via the familiar output dialog box in TechSoft Design V3 (formerly called 2D Design V2) with the machine’s remote hand controller being used to set basic datums. The machine also has an on-screen Virtual Control Panel mainly for 3D work and for advanced applications including the 4th axis unit. 3D files from SolidWorks, etc., are easily processed through TechSoft Visual Toolpath which is supplied with the machine. Roland’s own 3D post processor, SRP Player, is also supplied with the machine and this will be needed for 4th axis work.

Total Versatility
The machine is supplied with TechSoft’s unique collet system, as well as a standard 6mm collet, so a vast array of tooling options are available. A MDX-540E will, of course, accept files from TechSoft PCB V3, VCarve, PhotoVCarve and 3D Engrave. The technology used to make this the ultimate SRP machine also makes it a superb 3-Axis CNC mill for all the basic routing, profiling and engraving work generated in a busy D&T department. The generous 500 x 400mm bed is likely to accept quite ambitious 2.5D projects at KS4 and class-sets of smaller projects at KS3. The MDX-540E is a large, powerful and ultra high speed machine that will prove to be outstandingly versatile in the most demanding of departments.
Product Specifications
Model:Roland MDX-540E
Axis Travel:500 x 400 x 155mm
Max. Machinable:500 x 400 x 125mm
Maximum Feed Rate:125mm/sec (7500mm/min)
Maximum Acceleration:0.2G
Motors (X,Y,Z):AC Servo
Spindle Motor:400W
Spindle Speed Range:400-12,000rpm
Weight (with case):170kg
Dimensions:1060(W) x 1100(D) x 978(H)mm
Warranty:UK Mainland: 1 Year On-Site
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect
N.B. Extraction only required if cutting fine dust materials e.g., foam, MDF, etc.
Extraction Attachment for MDX-540E
Order Code: RL-MP-540VAC
Numatic Standard Extractor, Single Motor
(Included in TechSoft Workstation TF-WS1-C1)
Z0 Sensor
Z0 Sensor
Included with a new machine. The sensor gives an easy and precise way to set Z0.
Recommended Tool Holding
Self-Centering Vice
Self-Centering Vice
3D machining one side of an object is easy, but if the object needs to be machined all round how do you hold it? TechSoft have designed a low cost solution to this problem, a special self-centering vice.
Self-Centering Vice (inc.TechSoft Inset Pack)
Order Code: RL-ROTO-VICE
Machine Vice
Machine Vice
A simple to use quick release machine vice, with 100mm jaw width. Very useful for machining thick materials in billet form, such as machining plastic or aluminium, where double sided tape would not be sufficient. Two Tee-slot bars are required to fix the vice to the bed of the MDX-540.
Machine Vice (Quick Release, 100mm jaw)
Order Code: TA-MDX-VICE
Tee-Slot Bars
Tee-Slot Bars
Flat aluminium bars with a tee-slotted profile, allowing for vices, fixtures, or oddly shaped workpieces to be clamped to the bed directly using the 10mm nuts and bolts.
Tee-Slot Bars (Pack of 2)
Recommended Tooling
Mixed Tool Pack (General set of tools) (Save £5)
Order Code: TP-MIX-540E
3D Tool Pack (Specialist 3D tools) (Save £7)
(TA-SD6LR-2, TA-SD6LR-4, TA-BN6LR-2, TA-BN6LR-4)
Order Code: TP-3D-540E
PCB Tool Pack (Specialist PCB tools) (Save £5)
Order Code: TP-PCB-540E
Recommended Materials
Mixed Pre-Cut Materials Pack for MDX-540E (Save £27)
Contains rotary engraving laminate (TAP5-P2); Foam Board (TAFM5-3-P1, TAFM5-5-P1); PCB engraving laminate (TACB5-5); high density foam (TAFH5-25-6, TAFH5-50-3); modelling board (TAMB5-25-2); machining plastic (TA-MP25-B); sacrificial bed (TC-MDX540-BED); double-sided tape (TA-TAPE)
Order Code: TPM2-MDX540