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TechSoft Design V3

Graphic Design, Technical Drawing & CAD/CAM

TechSoft Design V3 Software

TechSoft Design V3 Software

TechSoft Design V3
TechSoft Design V3
TechSoft created TechSoft Design V3 (formerly 2D Design V2) for users who require sophisticated drawing and design features, but don’t want to spend a lifetime learning to use them. Although designed with professional capability, its ease of use means that TechSoft Design V3 is the CAD standard for the vast majority of UK secondary schools. Whether you need to produce traditional engineering drawings, colourful ‘free-form’ designs for embroidery, or smart graphical presentation sheets, TechSoft Design V3 has been carefully developed to give you all the tools you need – and all in one place.
Graphic Design
Dragons Dinner Menu
TechSoft Design V3 offers thousands of exciting options for combining vector drawing with text, bitmaps, photographs or clip-art to create stunning graphic products. Comprehensive editing tools allow any image to be clipped to size and shape; bitmap images can be converted into a vector drawing; individual font characters can be customised; colour fills can be single colour, graduated, texture or pattern, etc. The options are endless – the texture fill could be used to simply render a drawing with a photograph of the material it will be made from; the pattern fill could become an application in its own right to design patterns for Sublimation work or embroidery.

The graphics elements of TechSoft Design V3 give the student all the tools they need to design packaging products, posters, point-of-sale displays, greeting cards, etc. In addition, TechSoft Design V3 provides an intuitive tool to compile design folder pages by importing photographs, scanned sketches and research material alongside CAD drawings – the possibilities are endless.

"TechSoft Design V3 has the best combination of powerful tools and ease of use available"
Technical Drawing
Technical Drawing
TechSoft Design V3 makes an excellent electronic drawing board with an extensive range of tools to enable you to accurately draw and dimension anything from a nut and bolt to a super tanker. All the line-geometry, transformation, edit, attach and dimensioning tools are there.

If you are new to CAD, but familiar with conventional technical drawing, you will soon be producing work to meet any sector standard. Layers can be used for construction work, standard sheet templates, dimensioning or output to CAM, etc. There is no practical limit to the complexity of drawing TechSoft Design V3 is capable of doing. We supply numerous universities who find it gives them everything they need from a 2D CAD platform - it integrates easily with other packages and it provides a hassle-free way to output to CAM machinery.
CAD/CAM Output
CAD/CAM Output Examples - Spinner and Photo Buddy
A key feature of TechSoft Design V3 is the high level of integration that has been built in between the output device and the drawing stages of design.

When starting a drawing you will typically set your page size to suit the machine you will be using - at its simplest level this means that the design will ‘fit’ and you can position the job accurately on the work area, but there is more to it than that. Once set, all the particular features of that machine become available so, for example, you can add registration marks ready for print-and-cut using knife-cutting machines and you will see a dialog box to set up the rotary table for a LaserCAM. When ready to output to many CAD/CAM devices and all our Roland and LaserCAM machines, there is one simple machine-specific dialog box to deal with and no tedious post-processing to confuse matters.
Direct CNC Control
Direct TechSoft Design Control
Just a few of the CNC machines that are DIRECTLY CONTROLLED through TechSoft Design V3
Powerfully Simple
Unlike many CAD packages, TechSoft Design V3 has a simple desktop that lets learners start with basic tools, adding new tools as their confidence grows. Everything about the software can be customised to suit different ages and abilities, and versatility means that learning can be built-in to any manner of project applications from KS2 onwards. By KS4, TechSoft Design V3 simply becomes a powerful tool for designing and making, and continues to be so into sixth form and beyond.
  • Exhaustive geometrical constructions including circles, arcs, lines, tangents, normals, etc.
  • Comprehensive drawing aids, user-defined grids and attach (snap).
  • Powerful tools such as fully tuneable bezier curve drawing, text flow along a path, etc.
  • Comprehensive text facilities, even exceeding those in many sign-writing packages.
  • Single line fonts and an in-built font editor/designer.
  • Bitmap to vector conversion.
  • Clip path tools, essential for creating professional high end graphic images.
  • Comprehensive graduated, texture and pattern fill routines.
  • Comprehensive transformation tools including move, mirror, size, array and distort.
  • Automatic or manual dimensioning. Work to pre-set or user-defined scales.
  • Contour feature to off-set lines. Invaluable for creating cutter-compensated tool paths or tracing.
  • Powerful editing and delete features, unlimited user-named drawing layers. Cut and paste to and from many other packages, including Word.
  • Multiple Undos / Redos.
  • Import/Export BMP, DXF, EMF, HPGL, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, WMF, etc.
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