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TechSoft Primary V3

Accurate Drawing & Design Software for Key Stage 2

TechSoft Primary V3

Wow...That's Helpful! TechSoft are keenly aware that Design and Technology in Primary Schools brings an entirely new set of challenges. Software has to be easy to master and must quickly prove itself to be exciting and motivating, especially where content is taught within themes that have their own learning priorities. We have listened carefully to teachers and have taken a long hard look at our well-established Primary Design programme with a clear aim to make it the most helpful, versatile and easy-to-use drawing package you could wish for. The result is TechSoft Primary V3 and we reckon it’s something with enough ‘wow’ to see it being used for Design and Technology and much more besides.

2D PCB Screenshot
Drawing with Computers
Child Using Software

Most simple ‘paint’ packages work by colouring dots (pixels) on the screen - this looks OK and you can print out the drawing, but that’s about all. TechSoft Primary V3 is a ‘vector’ package and every line and shape you draw will have a unique mathematical identity defined in terms of coordinates and geometry. You won’t be aware of this when designing, but it means that drawings can be edited, dimensioned and output to a CAM machine. Printed copy will be exactly the right size and not scaled to fit the page. This is the way that most commercial Graphic and Computer Aided Design packages work, so TechSoft Primary V3 is a great preparation for future learning and provides pupils and teachers with powerful new tools at KS2. The software uses a familiar Windows interface and is logical and easy to use, so pupils and teachers will quickly be up to speed.

Drawing and Design
Star Pupil

TechSoft Primary V3 can’t be beaten for making accurate project plans. These can include dimensions and can be ‘filled’ in flat colour, shaded (or graduated) colour, or even photo-images of the material they will be made from. Plans can be printed onto label paper to make accurate templates, or pages can be bordered, titled and printed onto regular paper as a record for design folders.

TechSoft Primary V3 makes a great graphic design tool as well. Text, photographs and accurate drawings can all be combined making it ideal for presentation pages, or for creating posters and leaflets. We’ve been careful not to overload the software with too many tools but have included simple ways to change photo-images and trim them to size and shape.

Not Just For D&T

You don’t need to be aware of the geometry working for you under the surface of TechSoft Primary V3, to be able to create accurate drawings, but it is there and if you want to focus on numeracy then why not? Many Primary schools find it the ideal package to support pupil’s learning in mathematics; shape, space, pattern, size and number. Using TechSoft Primary V3 to design presentation pages could, of course, be used anywhere in the curriculum.

Computerised Manufacture

Using TechSoft Primary V3 for CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) takes you onto another level – not only can you draw things, you can make them too!

Fish Bowl
  • A wide variety of drawing functions, lines, circles, shapes, tangents, polygons, etc.
  • Great text facilities. Use any true type font, any size position or orientation, any colour including texture fills and drop shadows.
  • Comprehensive transformation functions including, move, mirror, copy, rotate, re-size and distort.
  • Easy to use grid function. Lock onto cm or mm grids for accurate drawing, change to an isometric grid for 3D effect.
  • Attach tool to ‘snap-to’ circle centres, end points and intersections.
  • Select from three levels of desktop to suit different ages and abilities.
  • Comprehensive, quick and easy to use Zoom tools.
  • Powerful editing functions including Edit and Add nodes to lines and shapes.
  • Cut and paste facilities, allows you to link with most Windows packages.
  • Import and Export files in most common formats (eg., jpeg, tiff, gif, wmf, emf, etc.)
  • Clip and crop photo-images to shapes or ‘freehand’.
  • Change photo-images to greyscale, monochrome or reduce image size.
  • Output via Windows printer driver to any standard printer, or output directly to Roland SRM-20E, Stika or CAMM 1.
  • Comprehensive fill tools including linear or circular graduated fills with any number of colours, and texture fills using bitmap files. Large selection of common texture fills supplied in a library.
  • Total compatibility with 2D Design V2 to allow cross-phase working.
  • Multiple Undos / Redos.
Links to CNC Machines
Knife Cutting

Lines drawn in TechSoft Primary V3 are more than just images - in ‘computer-speak’ they are called vectors. These show you what you have drawn but also contain coordinates to ‘steer’ a CNC machine. A simple Stika machine makes a great starting point for proper CNC work. A Stika uses a tiny blade to cut a vast range of ‘applied media’ to make, for example, stickers, badges, or iron-on logos. The process is simple, safe and output is direct from the TechSoft Primary V3 drawing.

Knife Cutting Stika

CNC milling and engraving machines work in the same way as knife-cutters but use a rotating ‘bit’ (rather like a drill) to cut and remove solid material. For an introduction to CNC machining, the Roland SRM-20E is the ideal choice for most Primary schools. Using the same TechSoft Primary V3 software, the SRM-20E will happily cut out shapes in light modelling materials to make, for example, accurate parts for projects, stamps, badges and moulds. The SRM-20E is safe and simple to use.

Roland SRM-20E
Print and Cut

At its simplest, the Roland CAMM 1 GS-24E is a super-fast, super large Stika. It is therefore useful for enterprise projects, but there’s more to it than that! The GS-24E has an optical registration feature that allows the cut path to be aligned with printed graphics. It also has sufficient power to cut thin card. This means that stickers and card packaging nets can be printed using a regular printer and then cut-out to professional standards using the GS-24E.

Roland GS-24E
Roland Stika SV-8E (inc. TechSoft Training Pack)
Order Code: MP-STIKA-SV8E
Roland SRM-20E (inc. TechSoft Inset Pack)
Order Code: MP-RL-SRM20E
Roland CAMM 1 GS-24E
Includes TechSoft Training Pack
Order Code: MP-CAMM1-GS24E
System Requirements

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11
  • Internet Connection (Standalone and Home Use Licence)
  • Networked Computers (Network Licence)

Licencing Information
Single User Licence
One single user licence allows two computers to be activated simultaneously. This is typically for individual users who might find the ability to run the software in two locations advantageous. To allow budgeting flexibility, a Single User Licence can be purchased either on a 1 year or 3 year subscription basis, or it can be bought outright with no expiry date. (Software on subscription will only run whilst the subscription is active.)

N.B. Internet connectivity is required at installation and periodically thereafter for licence verification.
Network Licence
The network licence allows an unlimited number of networked computers to be used on any one site. It also provides for four standalone computers (not connected to the network) on the same site. These might commonly be used for driving CAD/CAM equipment. To allow budgeting flexibility, a Network Licence can be purchased either on a 1 year or 3 year subscription basis, or it can be bought outright with no expiry date. (Software on subscription will only run whilst the subscription is active.)

N.B. Internet connectivity is required for the “server” computer at installation and periodically thereafter for licence verification. All client computers must have connectivity to the “server” computer.
Home Use Licence
This allows students, teachers or other employees, who are working/studying at one site, to use the full version of the software on laptops/home computers. This typically allows students to develop projects in their own time, prepare for examinations, etc. It also allows staff to prepare and mark work off site. A Home Use Licence can only be purchased on a 1 year or 3 year subscription basis and the software will only run whilst the subscription is active. Home Use Licences are normally supplied in conjunction with a Network licence. However, a Home Use Licence can be supplied without a Network Licence if a Home Use Licence Setup fee is paid.

N.B. Internet connectivity is required at installation and periodically thereafter for licence verification.
Upgrade Discount
Current 2D Primary V2 Site licence holders and Site + Student licence holders can obtain a discount. A larger discount is applied if purchasing the Network Licence outright.
Updates to V3
Any updates to V3 will be provided free of charge to all active licence holders.