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3D Printing Materials

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CEL Robox Accessories

See also our CEL Robox Materials page.

Upgrade to Dual Material Head
Dual Material Kit Install + Upgrade for Robox. (Machine must be returned to manufacturer by customer.)
General Accessories
Empty Robox Smart Reel with blank EEPROM
Order Code: TMP-RBX-REEL1
Tweezers for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-TWZ1
Pack of 10 Alcohol Wipes for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-AW10
7ml Bottle of Lubricant for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-LUB1
Silicon Tip Wipe Blade for Build Plate of Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-TWB1
Replacement Parts
Replacement Single Material Dual Nozzle Head for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-MH1
Replacement Dual Material Head for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-MH2
SingleX Experimental Head for Robox with Olsson Ruby 0.6mm nozzle. A hard-wearing head that has been designed to print with abrasive materials including carbon-filled filaments.
Order Code: TMP-RBX-MH3
Replacement Extruder for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-EXT1
Replacement Standard ThermoSurface Bed Sheet for Robox.
This bed surface bonds particularly well to molten ABS and PLA - important for holding the first layer to the bed. Once cooled the printed model will detach with no mechanical aid required. Most plastics stick well to this surface and leave no residue.
Order Code: TMP-RBX-BED1
Alternative LokBuild Bed Sheet for Robox.
Suitable for printing with colder bed temperatures for reduced warping and improved bridging of PLA prints and other commonly used thermoplastics. Significantly improves bed adhesion of specialist materials that do no bond naturally with Robox's standard ThermoSurface Bed Sheet.
Order Code: TMP-RBX-BED2
Replacement HEPA Filter for Robox Extractor or RoboxPRO
Order Code: TMA-EXT3D-RBX1F
Wireless Control
Robox Mote Touchscreen Control Interface and Network Access Point for Robox. Includes 4 USB sockets for connection to 4 Robox/RoboxDual, plus 1 Ethernet Port.
Order Code: TMP-RBX-MT1