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CEL Robox, RoboxDual & RoboxPro

New 3D Printers from CEL

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CEL Robox, RoboxDual & RoboxPro
CEL Robox, RoboxDual & RoboxPro

Robox 3D Printer

Robox 3D Printer
The Robox is a safe, high quality desktop 3D printer you can afford. The standard QuickFill™ dual nozzle single material head is fitted with a 0.3mm nozzle for the parts of the print you see, and a 0.8mm ‘fast infill’ nozzle to print the interior, resulting in faster print times.
Model: Robox 3D Printer
Max Build Size: 210 x 150 x 100mm
No. Extruders: 1
Model Materials: PETG, PLA, ABS and more
Slice Resolution: 0.02mm (20 microns)
Interface: USB
Weight: 8.3kg
Dimensions: 370(W) x 340(D) x 240(H)mm
Warranty: 2 Year Return to Base

RoboxDual 3D Printer

RoboxDual 3D Printer
The RoboxDual includes a Dual Material Head with two extruders giving the ability to print two materials simultaneously. As well as printing in two colours, the dual material head makes it possible to create support structures using a breakaway or dissolvable material. A standard single material head is also supplied with a RoboxDual, and can be changed in minutes for simple models where the QuickFill™ technology will be an advantage.
Model: RoboxDual 3D Printer
Max Build Size: 210 x 150 x 100mm
No. Extruders: 2
Model Materials: PETG, PLA, ABS and more
Support Materials: Breakaway or Soluble
Slice Resolution: 0.02mm (20 microns)
Interface: USB
Weight: 9.5kg
Dimensions: 370(W) x 340(D) x 240(H)mm
Warranty: 2 Year Return to Base

RoboxPro 3D Printer

RoboxPro 3D Printer
The RoboxPro offers a significant increase in build volume, whilst retaining the proven technology of the smaller machines. This model includes a SingleX head fitted with 0.6mm nozzle, making it possible to use abrasive engineering grade materials with high structural strength without risking damage to the nozzle. QuickFill™ and DualMaterial™ heads are also included, and these can be changed in minutes. The RoboxPro is fitted with a 5” touchscreen control panel, and it is possible to monitor and control printing remotely. The build chamber is climatically controlled and output air is purified via removable HEPA and active charcoal filters.
Model: RoboxPro 3D Printer
Max Build Size: 300 x 210 x 400mm
No. Extruders: 2
Model Materials: PETG, PLA, ABS and more
Support Materials: Breakaway or Soluble
Slice Resolution: 0.05mm (50 microns)
Interface: Ethernet & Wi-Fi
Weight: TBC
Dimensions: 510(W) x 510(D) x 610(H)mm
Warranty: 2 Year Return to Base

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What is a Robox?
There are three models to choose from in the Robox range – Robox, RoboxDual, and RoboxPro. What they all have in common is simplicity, reliability and professional build quality in a wide range of materials, without the need for setup or tweaking. All models have been designed with safety and visibility in mind - the transparent cover is automatically locked when a build is in progress, also preventing thermal shrinkage which is often a problem when using engineering materials such as ABS, Nylon or polycarbonate with open-frame 3D printers.

About the Hardware
The removable print bed is made from polyetherimide, a plastic that becomes sticky when hot - no tape or glue is required! Once the bed cools down items lift away easily without the need for tools. Heads for different applications can be swapped without tools with the simple HeadLock™ system. The SmartExtruder™ feed system allows high flow rates, automatic loading, and measures the filament used. The nozzles use patented needle-valve flow control to lock off and prevent unwanted material escaping from the nozzle. Dual material heads allow the capability to use two materials in the same build – if breakaway or soluble support materials are used models of unlimited complexity are possible.

The intuitive Automaker software provides a straightforward three step process – Add file > Choose Quality > Print. The microchipped SmartReel™ filament system tells the software which material is loaded, so print settings are programmed automatically. Calibrations are automatic – there are no manual adjustments, bed levelling or preparation before printing.

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Prices (excluding VAT)

Education Packages
Products Price Buy
Robox 3D Printer. Includes machine, software, TechSoft Training Guide + 1 reel material.
Order Code: MP-RBX1
RoboxDual 3D Printer. Includes machine, software, TechSoft Training Guide, 1 reel of model material and 1 reel of support material.
Order Code: MP-RBX2
RoboxPRO 3D Printer. Includes machine with three interchangeable heads (one dual material and two single, one standard and one for abrasive materials), software.
+ FREE TechSoft User Guide
+ FREE 650g reel black PETG material
+ FREE 325g reel Soluble Support Material
+ FREE 60 day trial of SOLIDWORKS (education only and on request)
Order Code: MP-RBXP1
Visit our 3D Printing Materials page to view our full range
Upgrade to Dual Material Head
Products Price Buy
Dual Material Kit Install + Upgrade for Robox. (Machine must be returned to manufacturer by customer.)
General Accessories
Products Price Buy
Empty Robox Smart Reel with blank EEPROM
Order Code: TMP-RBX-REEL1
Tweezers for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-TWZ1
Pack of 10 Alcohol Wipes for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-AW10
7ml Bottle of Lubricant for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-LUB1
Silicon Tip Wipe Blade for Build Plate of Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-TWB1
Spare Parts
Products Price Buy
Replacement Single Material Dual Nozzle Head for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-MH1
Replacement Dual Material Head for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-MH2
Replacement Extruder for Robox
Order Code: TMP-RBX-EXT1
Replacement Standard ThermoSurface Bed Sheet for Robox.
This bed surface bonds particularly well to molten ABS and PLA - important for holding the first layer to the bed. Once cooled the printed model will detach with no mechanical aid required. Most plastics stick well to this surface and leave no residue.
Order Code: TMP-RBX-BED1
Alternative LokBuild Bed Sheet for Robox.
Suitable for printing with colder bed temperatures for reduced warping and improved bridging of PLA prints and other commonly used thermoplastics. Significantly improves bed adhesion of specialist materials that do no bond naturally with Robox's standard ThermoSurface Bed Sheet.
Order Code: TMP-RBX-BED2
Wireless Control
Products Price Buy
OBS, Use TMP-RBX-MT1 Robox Root Control and Network Access Point for Robox.
Order Code: TMP-RBX-RT1
OBS, Robox Root SD Card v1
Order Code: TMP-RBX-SD1
Robox Mote Touchscreen Control Interface and Network Access Point for Robox. Includes 4 USB sockets for connection to 4 Robox/RoboxDual, plus 1 Ethernet Port.
Order Code: TMP-RBX-MT1
Products Price Buy
3 Shelf Birch Tree for Robox (Normally used for 2 machines). 430x430x1100mm
Order Code: SF-RBX3-BI
5 Shelf Birch Tree for Robox (Normally used for 4 machines). 430x430x1600mm
Order Code: SF-RBX5-BI
**Pre-Order Only**
3D Printer Filament Storage Cabinet. Transparent Lockable Door and Internal Lighting. Ideal for Robox Pro. NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL JULY 2018
Order Code: SF-RBXP-STD1
Recommended Software
SOLIDWORKS More Information

What's Included

Robox User Guide
Each Robox is supplied with a TechSoft User Guide. This gives you everything you need to get the machine out of the box and earning its keep in the shortest time possible. Not only does it take you step by step through using the Automaker software to manufacture a pre-designed 3D part, it also shows how to design and then manufacture your first 3D part using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software (60 day trial version supplied for any educational users that do not have this software).