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TechSoft Minimax FS30E Planer Thicknessers

Solid and Reliable Planer Thicknessers, Designed for Ease of Use

(excluding VAT)
TechSoft FS30E Planer Thicknesser 3 phase (includes Key Switch + 2 Emergency Foot Stops)
TechSoft FS30E Planer Thicknesser 1 phase (includes Key Switch + 2 Emergency Foot Stops)
Essential Extras
This machine must be securely fixed to the floor using the mounting lugs provided and appropriate heavy-duty fixings.
Product Summary
This compact model features a steel base and cast iron worktables for accurate, virtually vibration-free operation. The upper table opens to allow a chip extraction hood to be fitted and has been designed to allow the machine to be placed close to external walls. For most schools and colleges, the FS30E Genius will provide all the capacity they need with no compromise on quality.
Product Description
TechSoft and SCM – Global Quality, Local Support
There is no shortage of makes and models to choose from these days, but not all machines are the same and even ‘trusted brands’ will not necessarily possess the quality that their badge suggests. To give schools and colleges the quality of machine they need at an affordable price, TechSoft are delighted to have entered into a partnership with the Italian company SCM for bandsaws and, indeed, our full range of woodworking machinery. SCM have been established for over 50 years and are now global leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of production machinery for all sectors of the furniture and construction industry. Products range from huge CNC-controlled machines for mass production, to the Minimax range of traditional machines for workshops, schools and colleges. All machines are built to the highest standards at SCM’s state-of-the-art plant in Rimini, and all undergo rigorous quality procedures to ensure years of reliable service. In the UK, SCM’s large and well established facility in Nottingham provides the assurance of speedy, and dedicated, service and support should it be needed.

The Ideal Companion Machine
A solidly built and reliable planer/thicknesser is an important compliment to a good circular saw or bandsaw. There is no better machine to achieve accurate datum faces on rough, bowed or warped boards, and nothing to beat the consistent accuracy and smooth surface-finish that they produce.

Why Do I Need a Planer Thicknesser?
Timber can only be sawn to the required dimensions if it is flat and has a true datum edge to run against the saw fence. Softwood usually needs little attention but hardwoods are a different matter. The cheapest and widest selection of hardwoods are always available as sawn boards and these need preparation by planing first, then sawing and then thicknessing to precise dimension. If the material is already flat and true then sawing, or maybe just thicknessing, is all that is needed to achieve a smooth, planed finish. Our two machines combine both planing and thicknessing into one compact, robust unit. For planing, the material is run across the large surface tables where the cutter block achieves smooth datum faces. To thickness the timber, boards are fed in below the tables where a power-feed takes up the material and feeds it through at steady speed under the cutter block. These are preparation room machines that offer the chance of premium grade material at economy prices in any ‘bespoke’ section.

Choosing the Right Planer-Thicknesser
By choosing an SCM machine from TechSoft you can have confidence in knowing that your machine will be superbly engineered to give lasting repeat accuracy. These powerful machines all feature accurately-machined surface tables and robust construction to support the cutter block and feed tables. For both machines we supply a three-knife Tersa cutter block as standard. This advanced system allows blades to be changed in minutes with no specialist tools. Centrifugal force holds the blades in place and a simple locking bar automatically ensures perfect alignment, perfect balance and optimum cutting performance every time.

Choice of model will largely be determined by capacity, both machines have generous thicknessing capability which is likely to exceed most demands in schools and colleges. Width is more of an issue. The FS30 model will machine boards up to 300mm wide (probably sufficient for most schools and colleges) but the FS41 machine has the added advantage of longer surface tables as well as 410mm width capacity. These longer tables will be an advantage for all work even if machining larger sizes is only an occasional requirement.

All machines feature ergonomically-designed controls that have a positive action and (of course) meet all safety requirements for guarding, isolation and extraction capability.

Planing and Thicknessing
Converting between planing and thicknessing is quick and easy with the pivoting table. The generous extraction hood simply swings up or down into the required position.
Extraction Options
Extraction is essential when using a planer thicknesser. We offer a range of extractors to suit all budgets/requirements.
Centralised Vac Extraction System (see details):
Fixed Local Extraction System (see details):
TS105 Extractor with attachment fittings for Planer Thicknesser or Lathe (120mm port). Manual Switch. Please specify whether 1 phase or 3 phase is required.
Order Code: MM-EXTRACT105P1
Auto-switched upgrade for fixed extractor, fitted to machine at time of purchase
Order Code: MM-SWITCH10
Mobile Extraction System (see details):
Minimax Dust Extractor with Attachment Fittings for Bandsaw or Planer Thicknesser. Manual Switch. Please specify whether 1 phase or 3 phase is required.
Integrated auto-switched socket for extractor MM-EXTRACTION70S/P1S/P2S (fitted to machine at time of purchase)
Order Code: MM-SWITCH7
Product Specifications
Model:TechSoft Minimax FS30E Genius
Max Surfacing Width:300mm
Surfacing Table Length:1200mm
Min/Max Thicknessing:3 / 200mm
Cutter Block:TERSA with 3 knives
Feed Speed on Thicknesser:6m/min
Motor:1.5kW (2hp)
Dimensions:634(W) x 1389(D) x 950(H)mm
Power Requirements:415V 1.5kW or 240V 1.5kW
Lockable rotary isolator
Warranty:UK Mainland: 1 Year On-Site
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect
CAD Drawing (with Safe Working Area)
FS30E CAD Drawing
Available on request in DXF, DWG & DTD (2D Design) formats.