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C-VAC - Centralised Wood Dust Extraction System

Extraction Ideal for Educational Use

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C-VAC System
Product Specifications
Warranty:UK Mainland & Ireland: 2 Years On-Site
Elsewhere: 2 Years Parts Only
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Product Description
CVAC Duct Drawing

The System
The C-Vac system consists of a central vacuum fan and filter unit. Available in four different fan sizes C-Vac can provide all the extraction needs for a single workshop or multiple rooms. The system is controlled by a low-voltage circuit and simply operating a machine or connecting to a plug in point will start the system. A variable speed drive ensures that the fan only provides the power required to extract from the points in use, and is economical and quiet in operation. The C-Vac unit can be installed in the classroom, technician’s preparation room or in an external enclosure. C-Vac is ATEX compliant.

Designed for Educational Workshops
The C-Vac System has been specifically developed for use in schools and colleges. This unique system has proven to provide cleaner, safer environments for teachers and pupils. It extracts dust from multiple machines simultaneously and incorporates plug in points for portable tools and attachments for floor and bench cleaning. Designed for ease of use it incorporates automatic valves linked to the wood working machines, so that the extraction is on when required. Dust is collected centrally in a sealable trolley-mounted bag for safe and easy disposal. C-Vac is powerful, yet quiet and economical in operation.

Advanced Filtration
The C-Vac system features an internal cyclone separator and tubular sock filter which offers advances over traditional filter systems which rely on far greater surface area to meet filtration requirements. Unlike traditional filtration units which usually return filtered air to the workspace, the C-Vac filtered air is discharged externally to the building, ensuring internal air quality is not compromised by returning air to the room (which still could potentially contain dangerous fine respirable dust particles). The major advantage of this filtration arrangement (unique to the C-Vac system) is that it allows for greatly reduced filtration area requirements resulting in far smaller footprint of extraction plant.

This offers a welcome space saving within modern teaching environments when compared to using traditional industrial style filtration units which are outdated in modern schools. Filter media within the C-Vac system also offers a financial advantage in terms of lower replacement cost, and practical advantages in terms of ease of replacement.

The C-Vac system can be easily installed in new build or existing workshops. Our P602 qualified design team will work with you to assess your requirements and agree the layout. Installation typically takes 2-5 days depending on the size of the system and can be achieved with minimum disruption to the teaching environment. Discrete ducting can be concealed within the ceiling void. Following installation each system is commissioned in accordance with HSG 258 guidance and supplied with user manuals and log books.

One System Capturing from all Sources
The C-Vac system can be connected to all wood working machinery including circular saws, planer thicknessers, bandsaws, disc sanders, bandfacers and wood lathes. Where bespoke extraction hoods are required (eg., crosscut saws, bobbin sanders) these will be designed, manufactured and installed. Each system is supplied with hoses and attachments for floor and bench cleaning. Portable tools and hand sanding blocks can be connected to the plug-in points with ease.

  • Powerful high speed dust extraction
  • System start can be linked to woodworking machinery - only operates when required
  • Variable speed control ensures maximum performance and economy
  • Plug in points for portable tools and attachments for floor and bench cleaning
  • Quiet operation in all workshops
  • Single collection point with trolley mounted 240 litres dust collection bag
  • Bag full and air flow indicators
  • Each C-Vac system comes with a two-year warranty