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SOLIDWORKS Education Edition

for Universities & HE Colleges

SOLIDWORKS provides the ideal platform for 3D CAD at University level and is certain to meet expectations from commercial partners. A Campus Licence for SOLIDWORKS provides all the CAD functionality needed, at a competitive price and with enough options to create a bespoke solution for learning and research.

As Preferred Education Resellers, TechSoft can provide the knowledge and experience to support course leaders in guiding students towards the qualifications required in modern design & engineering disciplines.

SolidWorks Car SolidWorks Screenshot SolidWorks Screenshot SolidWorks Screenshot

The Complete 3D Design and Engineering Education Solution

CAD for Creativity
SOLIDWORKS was conceived to give designers an intuitive and powerful tool which quickly gets past learning how to use it, and on to using it to design better products. Speak to any design professional or undergraduate and they will recognise SOLIDWORKS as a global leader in 3D CAD - and there’s a pretty good chance it is what they use in their day to day work.

Designed To Be Intuitive
It makes sense that students should be using industry-leading products but commercial credibility is not the same as educational suitability. SOLIDWORKS is different. We believe that the designed-in advantages of SOLIDWORKS make it by far the most appropriate and easiest to use system for education.
SolidWorks Education Screenshot
Grasping the Basics
3D CAD does require a new way of thinking and you start by getting the idea of planes, features and sketches clear in your mind. SOLIDWORKS makes these key concepts as clear and obvious as possible so, once grasped, learning builds on understanding rather than remembering which button to click. Help is always available to show you where tools are and what they do. Whilst working, you can pause at any point to run through one of the many on-screen interactive tutorials if needed. Each step of the modelling process is recorded in a history bar and, using this, you can go back to any point and edit the original work. Once the edit has been made all subsequent work will automatically update. Gone are the days of ‘bin it’ and start again!

Find Your Own Level
Alongside the main design area is a ‘Home’ tab with access to on-line support, further tutorials and your own customer portal where case studies can be downloaded. Example videos range from entire millionaire yachts to jewellery and brakes for F1 cars - all modelled and tested in SOLIDWORKS. The examples demonstrate what a powerful package SOLIDWORKS is but, if it seems daunting, don’t worry. Few users will be experts in every aspect of the software, and most will be using the main features and tools that apply to their particular sector. Education is no different. Most of the time students will be using SOLIDWORKS to create straightforward parts that they can assemble, test, render and animate onscreen. If this seems like you’re only scratching the surface then that’s OK. As confidence grows, more advanced tools can be added to the repertoire and all have the same intuitive feel and built-in support.
Direct Modelling - 'Instant 3D'
SOLIDWORKS models are usually created by building up features based on 2D geometry. This ‘feature-based-modelling’ is ideal for teaching and starting-out, but it’s not the only way of working. Once a basic model is created then ‘Instant 3D’ functionality becomes available.
Direct Modelling
Most features can then be adjusted, copied, moved or edited by simply clicking and dragging with the mouse.
Direct Modelling
‘Instant 3D’ gives SOLIDWORKS the best of both worlds - direct modelling when a ‘free-form’ experience is helpful, or feature-based when key dimensions and parameters are being set. There’s no ‘big decision’ needed about which way to work – simply choose what works best for you at any stage in the modelling process.

Home Use
Once the basics have been taught in school, students will want to develop expertise independently and, in our experience, this is where SOLIDWORKS really starts to take off. SOLIDWORKS has a huge web-presence so students will soon find masses of resources and like-minded colleagues keen to share ideas, tips and techniques. This way, students will develop personal expertise at a pace that would be hard to match in the classroom. To facilitate this important learning opportunity, schools and colleges will need to maintain their subscription to SOLIDWORKS and provide access to the Student Standard (formerly SDK) and Student Premium (formerly SEK) licences.

SolidWorks Analysis Tools
Behind the 3D image, a SOLIDWORKS model can be referenced to other data that describes, for example, material properties or manufacturing methods. The following packages operate within SOLIDWORKS to give students unparalleled access to sophisticated analysis tools. Operation is via a simple wizard in all cases, ie., the software does all the hard work!

Decide what your model is made from, the manufacturing method, where it will be made and where it will be used. A life cycle assessment is then calculated and a report shows the environmental impact of your design. Try it again but make some changes to see how it affects your ‘green’ credentials.

Will your model bend or break when you use it? SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a simple Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool that allows students to analyse stress, flow and motion in relation to their 3D model. Results are displayed graphically as colours on the model, or as an animation, making it easy to spot potentially weak areas of the design.

The SOLIDWORKS Costing tool provides estimates of how much parts should cost to manufacture. SOLIDWORKS models are easy to edit so why not create different versions of your design and try to ‘economise’ in the choices you make. SOLIDWORKS costing can compare models so you can develop the most economical solution.

CAD/CAM Output
CAD CAM Output Diagram
Don’t let a 3D image on the screen be the end of the process for your students. SolidWorks models can be easily saved as STL files for manufacture on all Roland 3D capable miller/routers, the TechSoft RouterCAM range and our 3D Printers. The students can then realise and handle their designs.

Home Use - Student Premium
Home Use
A Student Premium licence is a time-limited, standalone, version of the full SOLIDWORKS Education Edition. Each year a campus licence subscription provides a number of one year Student Premium licences (activations) for use by students and lecturers on their personal laptops/home PCs. The university can distribute the software either by instructing their students to download it free of charge, or by purchasing Student Premium DVDs.

SOLIDWORKS is designed to be intuitive so the Student Premium licences and a current subscription will be key to enabling students to develop expertise independently.
Curriculum Resources
MySolidWorks Curriculum Resources
Comprehensive, interactive tutorials are built-in to SOLIDWORKS and these are a great way to get started. Whilst in subscription, students also have access to ‘MySolidWorks’ which provides online videos and tutorials, as well as training for the SOLIDWORKS certifications - a great boost for independent learning. In addition, TechSoft offer numerous SOLIDWORKS courses.
SOLIDWORKS Certification
SOLIDWORKS Certification
Employers will value SOLIDWORKS experience and should students wish to formally show their competence they can take the SOLIDWORKS examinations. With a subscription, one free entry for every student/lecturer to the CSWA-Academic, CSDA, CSWSA-FEA and CSWP examinations is provided.

CSWA-Academic Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate - Academic; CSDA Certified Sustainable Design Associate; CSWSA-FEA Certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation Associate - Finite Element Analysis; CSWP Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (must be CSWA-Academic qualified). For more information visit here.

Software Information

Classroom, Campus and Site Packs
These packs for SOLIDWORKS Education Edition let up to 60, 200, 500 or 2000 students use the package simultaneously via a network (computers must be linked to the one server holding the licence, but there is no limit to the number of computers onto which the software can be installed) . Whilst the licence permits you to run that version of the software forever on the network, we advise universities to keep their subscription up to date so that, along with the other benefits of the subscription (see below), the students can still use Student Premium licences. Up to 60, 200, 500 or 2000 one year Student Premium licences are also provided whilst in subscription.

A subscription provides automatic software updates (annually), free downloadable curriculum resources, up to 60, 200, 500 or 2000 one year Student Premium licences and one free entry for each student/lecturer to the SOLIDWORKS examinations CSWA-Academic, CSDA and CSWSA-FEA. One free entry for every CSWA-Academic qualified student/lecturer to the CSWP examination is also included.

Academic Research Licence
Unlike the Education Edition, the Academic Research Licence does not contain the educational watermark and has no restrictions for use in publications, industry-funded projects and patent applications. It is not only available to university research departments, but also to medical schools and teaching hospitals affiliated with a university. For further information contact TechSoft or see here.

Minimum Hardware Requirements
2019-2020 Edition: Windows 7/10 (64-bit only)
N.B. if Windows 8.1 or 32-bit is required we can supply either:
2018-2019 Edition: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
2014-2015 Edition: Windows 7/8/8.1 (32 and 64-bit)
A full list of system requirements and recommendations can be found here.

Prices (excluding VAT)

Universities & HE Colleges
(School & FE College Licences can be found here)
SOLIDWORKS Education Edition (includes 1st year subscription)
Classroom Pack (up to 60 students)
Order Code: SWE-L60
Campus Pack 1 (up to 200 students)
Order Code: SWE-L200
Campus Pack 2 (up to 500 students)
Order Code: SWE-L500
Site Pack (up to 2000 students)
Order Code: SWE-L2000
Subscription Renewals
1 Year Subscription
Classroom Pack Subscription (1 Year)
Order Code: SWE-LR60
Campus Pack 1 Subscription (1 Year)
Order Code: SWE-LR200
Campus Pack 2 Subscription (1 Year)
Order Code: SWE-LR500
Site Pack Subscription (1 Year)
Order Code: SWE-LR2000
3 Years Subscription
Classroom Pack Subscription (3 Years)
Order Code: SWE-LR60-3
Campus Pack 1 Subscription (3 Years)
Order Code: SWE-LR200-3
Campus Pack 2 Subscription (3 Years)
Order Code: SWE-LR500-3
Site Pack Subscription (3 Years)
Order Code: SWE-LR2000-3
Student Premium DVDs
(Subscription holders only - Free download or buy to distribute)
Student Standard/Premium DVDs
Order Code: SWE-MK1
Student Standard/Premium DVDs (Pk of 5)
Order Code: SWE-MK5
Student Standard/Premium DVDs (Pk of 10)
Order Code: SWE-MK10
Student Standard/Premium DVDs (Pk of 25)
Order Code: SWE-MK25
Academic Research Licence
Please contact TechSoft to discuss your specific requirements and request a quotation.
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