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Roland Stika

User Friendly, Low Cost Vinyl Cutters

Roland Stika
Direct TechSoft Design Control
Roland Knife Cutters are the only knife cutting machines to be DIRECTLY CONTROLLED from TechSoft Design V3 (formerly 2D Design V2)

Stika SV-8E

Stika SV-8E
The ideal, low cost, starter machine for real CAD/CAM activity. The perfect partner for 2D Primary as well as 2D Design, and for making small-scale stickers, labels and iron-on logos in a workshop or studio area.
Model: Stika SV-8E
Max plotting area: 160 x 1000mm
Max plotting speed: 40mm/sec
Print Alignment: Manual
Interface: USB Interface
Dimensions: 340(W) x 205(D) x 115(H)mm
Weight: 2.2kg

Stika SV-12E

Stika SV-12E
It’s still a child-friendly Stika but bigger and able to use media (maybe) bought for a larger machine. This makes it the perfect back-up for an over-worked CAMM 1 as well as an excellent medium-sized knife cutter in its own right.
Model: Stika SV-12E
Max plotting area: 250 x 1000mm
Max plotting speed: 40mm/sec
Print Alignment: Manual
Interface: USB Interface
Dimensions: 440(W) x 205(D) x 115(H)mm
Weight: 2.7kg

Stika SV-15E

Stika SV-15E
Largest of all, the SV-15E allows A3-sized media to be handled without trimming and several projects can be ‘nested’ for economy. The machine cuts at twice the speed of its smaller siblings making it a serious contender.
Model: Stika SV-15E
Max plotting area: 340 x 1000mm
Max plotting speed: 100mm/sec
Print Alignment: Manual
Interface: USB Interface
Dimensions: 522(W) x 205(D) x 115(H)mm
Weight: 3.3kg

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The Stika Range
It’s easy to see why these are among the best-loved pieces of equipment we sell. We frequently come across schools still getting regular and valuable use from quite elderly models even if they have upgraded to larger machines in other areas of the department. The Stika is a compact, child-friendly machine that still has the power to fascinate as it steadily cuts out children’s design work with a degree of precision that could never be achieved by hand.

Many primary schools have found a Stika to be an ideal and simple tool for pupils to take their first steps with genuine CAD/CAM activity. They work in just the same way as their bigger counterparts and can even be used for print-and-cut work by using the manual alignment tool provided with each machine. Being lighter in construction, Stikas will not cut card or plastics but will happily cope with the full range of vinyls and applied media including Ceramicon and Cutronic Foil.

Three models are available and these differ only in their capacity so you will need to check the available sizes of media you are likely to use when making your choice. The largest machine, the SV-15E, cuts at more than double the speed of the smaller models so this too needs bearing in mind if throughput and avoiding bottlenecks is a priority.
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Prices (excluding VAT)

Stika Machines
products/knife-cutting/roland-stika-rangeRoland Stika SV-8E (inc. TechSoft Training Pack)
Order Code: MP-STIKA-SV8E
Roland Stika SV-12E
(inc. TechSoft Inset Pack)
Order Code: MP-STIKA-SV12E
Roland Stika SV-15E
(inc. TechSoft Inset Pack)
Order Code: MP-STIKA-SV15E
For details of our full range of accessories click here
Carbide Cutter x 1
Order Code: TA-CMC
Carbide Cutter x 5
Order Code: TA-CMC-5
Recommended Materials
For details of these packs and our full range of materials click here
Mixed Materials Pack for SV-8E (Save £5)
Contains coloured vinyl (TAVN2-P1, TAVN2-P2); iron-on vinyl (TAVI-P2); self-adhesive paper (TASP-100); tweezers (TA-TWEEZERS)
Order Code: TPM-SV8
Mixed Materials Pack for SV-12E (Save £7)
Contains coloured vinyl (TAVN3-P1, TAVN3-P2); iron-on vinyl (TAVI-P2); self-adhesive paper (TASP-100); tweezers (TA-TWEEZERS)
Order Code: TPM-SV12
Mixed Materials Pack for SV-15E (Save £7)
Contains coloured vinyl (TAVN4-P1, TAVN4-P2); iron-on vinyl (TAVI-P2); self-adhesive paper (TASP-100); tweezers (TA-TWEEZERS)
Order Code: TPM-SV15
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What's Included

Free Education Training Pack worth £55
Training Pack

The Training Pack gives you everything you need to get the machine out of the box and earning its keep in the shortest time possible. We have distilled key information into a series of tutorials that will guide you through setting-up, and then a series of projects that illustrate the full potential of the machine. Each pack contains a project CD, a booklet to guide you and a selection of materials. Completing the Training Pack is not onerous; it will provide a sample set of project ideas - some of which are shown below - and the confidence to develop your own ideas.

Vinyl Weeding Stika PCB Stika T-shirt label sample
UK Mainland & Ireland: 1 Year Return to Base
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect