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TechSoft Design V3 - Software Download

TechSoft Design V3 - Software Download
TechSoft Design V3 - Software Download
Download Information
You can download the software from the links below.

If you have purchased the software, you can activate the software after installation using your Activation Key.

If you want to demo the software before purchase, you can install the software and run it in demonstration mode. The main restriction being that you are not able to save files or output them.

Note for school administrators, this download is not for the Network version of the software. To download the network version please follow the instructions given to you on purchase.
Windows Computers

Getting Started with the Software
A pdf file containing a number of software tutorials is included in the download. On installation this file may be accessed from the TechSoft Design V3 Tutorials icon on your desktop. If you are unfamiliar with the software, working through these short tutorials is the quickest way of getting up to speed and is strongly recommended.
Compatibility Warning for Students!
Files made with the latest software version won't open in earlier versions using the default settings. Be careful! Your school might not have the latest version installed, and so with the default settings, you might not be able to open your files in school!

To save your file in an older format, go to "File > Save As..." and select an older format in the drop-down list shown below.

Save As Options

Make sure to do this before bringing your files back into school. If you don't know what version your school is using, save your file as the oldest type, "V3.00 - V3.10", to ensure your file opens in school.

To find out what version your school is using, open the software on the school computers and go to "Help > About this software...".
System Requirements
Standard Software
This version is available for download using the links above.
Operating System:Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
Chromebooks which can activate the Linux subsystem. This includes most Chromebooks after 2019, but this feature could be restricted by your system administrator. At least 10GB of storage space is required for the Linux subsystem. The installation is done per user, not per computer, and so is best for Chromebooks used by a single user. Chromebooks with an Intel CPU run the software best, but it will run on non-Intel CPUs.
Internet Connection:Required during activation (and periodically thereafter for verification)
Network Software
This version is only available to educational establishments with a Network package.
Operating System - clients:Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
Operating System - server:Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 or equivalent Windows Server editions. The clients must be able to access a folder on the server via a path.
Internet Connection:Required on the server only during activation (and periodically thereafter for verification)
TechSoft Design V3 Information