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Laser Cutting and Engraving

Laser Buying Guide

A laser system for your school or college will always be a major investment. The right purchasing decision will ensure the best possible technology for your students now and a sustainable investment for the long term. Before making your decision you should consider the following points carefully.
Six Points to consider when purchasing a Laser Cutter:
There are two types of CO₂ laser tubes – water-cooled ones and air-cooled ones. Although air cooled CO₂ can initially be more expensive, our experience finds that the tubes last for on average around SEVEN YEARS whereas the water-cooled ones will need replacing more regularly.
You will see different power ratings on the tubes. It is important to know that when comparing these a 30W AIR-COOLED tube’s performance is about the same, in terms of the materials that it will cut, as an 80W WATER-COOLED one.
The output from TECHSOFT DESIGN V3 (formerly 2D Design V2) to our LaserCAM STAR Series is DIRECT using File > Print. You are able to output both bitmap images and vectored images at the same time. There is no need to export a dxf file (vectors only) and then import into other software.

The output from TECHSOFT DESIGN V3 (formerly 2D Design V2) to the Boxford series is via File > CNC Output which creates a file, or series of files, to import into the laser cutter's own software. (Vectors and bitmaps are created in different files).
All laser cutters work by directing and focusing a laser beam via a series of mirrors and lens onto the material to be cut. The ALIGNMENT OF THE MIRRORS AND LENS is critical to the successful operation of the laser, whatever type of laser cutter it is. This is a specialist job so you will need to know that the supplier of your laser cutter is able to provide SERVICING AND SUPPORT. At TechSoft this is our speciality.
TechSoft provide a COMPLETE PACKAGE including the laser cutter, a quality extraction system fully compliant with Health & Safety laws, commissioning and training.
The TechSoft LaserCAM STAR series comes with a 2 Year Warranty, both tube and machine. In our experience, LaserCAM air-cooled tubes last for an average of seven years.

The Boxford series comes with a 1 Year Machine Warranty, with 4 months warranty on laser tubes fitted to BGL350 & 460 machines and 10 months warranty on laser tubes fitted to BGL690 and BGL1390 machines
Would Love a TechSoft LaserCAM but Simply Can't Afford the Initial Outlay?

Leasing is one option available for our LaserCAMs.