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TechSoft Minimax C30E Combination Machines

Space Saving Combination Machines with True Sliding Tables

TechSoft Minimax C30E Combination Machines

TechSoft Minimax C30E Genius

TechSoft Minimax C30E Genius
The C30E is likely to provide sufficient capacity and cutting speed for most schools. Although too small to break down full 1200 x 2400mm sheets into quarters, the included squaring frame will make it easy to prepare accurate batches of large panel components. Cutting depth and width against the rip fence will almost certainly exceed the capacity needed for most student projects. The C30E shares the same planing width as the CU300E model.
Model: TechSoft Minimax C30E Genius
Saw Blade Diameter: 250mm
Cutting depth at 90°: 80mm
Max. squaring stroke: 1200mm
Cutting width on rip fence: 540mm
Speed: 4000rpm
Planer Thicknesser:
Max. Surfacing Width: 300mm
Surfacing Table Length: 1200mm
Min/Max Thicknessing: 3/200mm
Cutter Block: TERSA with 3 knives
Feed Speed on Thicknesser: 6m/min
Motor: 2 x 1.8kW (2.5hp)
Weight: 320kg
Dimensions: 2084(W) x 2460(D) x 1250(H)mm
Power Requirements: 415V 3.6kW or 240V 3.6W
Lockable rotary isolator
Warranty: UK Mainland: 1 Year On-Site
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect

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One Machine - Sawing, Planing & Thicknessing
Our Minimax Combination machines can provide a cost and space saving way to fully equip a preparation area. Each machine comprises a circular saw bench and a planer-thicknesser arranged back-to-back in one integrated unit. The work table is shared by both functions so, despite their compact size, combination machines retain their full capacity for either sawing or planing. The saw and planer-thicknesser are each powered by separate motors so swapping between operations is very straightforward. Needless to say, only one function at a time can be used. Mechanical and electrical control systems are built into these machines to ensure that only the function being used is ‘live’ and remaining systems are in a safe state.

Combination Machines in Schools and Colleges
For less than the cost of two separate machines, schools can have the precise sawing and planing capability they need for all basic stock preparation. In terms of space saving, it is best to think of combination machines as offering alternatives rather than substitutes. Separate machines need a safe working area that allows for in-feed and out-feed at each end of the machine and enough space at the side for the operator. They also need sufficient space between them to make sure one machine is not hindered by the other. Combination machines have a smaller ‘footprint’ but need space on all four sides. This means they need central placement in a preparation area. Where this is possible, you have the added bonus of more space to position larger boards and the ability to cross-cut longer stock on the saw table. In this situation, a combination machine will always be a space saving and convenient option.

Full Machining Capability
Despite their compact size, our Minimax combination machines do not compromise on quality or performance. The main saw table features a rise and fall tilting arbor for angled cuts with convenient handwheel adjustment and locking. A welded steel main chassis and ribbed cast iron work tables ensure accuracy and vibration free operation. Deep, positive locking fences for cross cutting and ripping feature hold-down clamps and stops for repeat working. A precision engineered sliding table runs close to the blade for accurate ripping. The smaller C30E machine includes a squaring frame to allow repeat sawing of panel components to accurate dimensions including angles and bevel cuts. The planer features a three-knife Tersa © cutter block for clean surfaces and easy blade changing. The efficient feed system allows rapid stock removal up to the maximum table width. Planing datum faces is easy to achieve - the robust saw fence provides the necessary datum and an easily adjusted bridge guard will ensure safe operation. For convenience, the main surfacing table opens toward the operator for thicknessing.

TechSoft UK Ltd

TechSoft and SCM - Global Quality, Local Support
To give schools and colleges the quality of machine they need at an affordable price, TechSoft are delighted to have entered into a partnership with Italian company SCM for our full range of woodworking machinery. SCM have been established for over 50 years and are now global leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of production machinery for all sectors of the furniture and construction industry. Products range from huge CNC controlled machines for mass production, to the Minimax range of traditional machines for workshops, schools and colleges. All machines are built to the highest standards at SCM’s state-of-the-art plant in Rimini, and all undergo rigorous quality procedures to ensure years of reliable service. In the UK, SCM’s large and well established facility in Nottingham provides the assurance of speedy and dedicated service and support should it be needed.

TechSoft UK Ltd

Generously proportioned, robust rip fence with positive locking and adjustment.

TechSoft UK Ltd

Bearing-guided sliding table with built-in length stop and material clamp for accurate cross-cutting.

TechSoft UK Ltd

Surface Planing

When sold commercially these machines also have a spindle moulder and optional extra slot morticer. However, current regulations (BS4163-2007, paragraph 10.3, page 55) mean that school and colleges are unable to exploit these.
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Prices (excluding VAT)

TechSoft Minimax C30E Genius
Products Price Buy
TechSoft Minimax C30E Genius Combination Machine 3 phase (includes Key Switch + 2 Emergency Foot Stops)
Order Code: MM-COMB1KFT
TechSoft Minimax C30E Genius Combination Machine 1 phase (includes Key Switch + 2 Emergency Foot Stops)
Order Code: MM-COMB1KFS
Essential Extras

Extraction is essential when using a combination machine. We offer a range of extractors to suit all budgets/requirements.

Centralised Vac Extraction System (see details):
Products Price Buy
Centralised Wood Dust Vacuum System
More Info
Fixed Local Extraction System (see details):
Products Price Buy
TS100 Extractor with attachment fittings for Circular Saw (manual switch). Please specify whether 1 phase or 3 phase is required.
Order Code: MM-EXTRACT100P
Auto-switched upgrade for fixed extractor, fitted to machine at time of purchase
Order Code: MM-SWITCH10
Mobile Extraction System (see details):
Products Price Buy
Minimax Dust Extractor with Attachment Fittings for Circular Saw or Combo Machine. Manual Switch. Please specify whether 1 phase or 3 phase is required.
Integrated auto-switched socket for extractor MM-EXTRACTION70S/P1S/P2S (fitted to machine at time of purchase)
Order Code: MM-SWITCH7

This machine must be securely fixed to the floor using the mounting lugs provided and appropriate heavy-duty fixings.