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Kilns / Spraybooth

Ideal for Educational Use

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Top Loading Kilns

Top Loading Kilns
Topworker kilns are built to achieve professional standards of firing control and efficiency, but are of compact design to make them ideal for schools and colleges. They are constructed of a low thermal mass 76mm thick insulation brick with a 25mm backup insulation, which is then enclosed within a stainless steel outer jacket. The kilns are fitted with castors (two braked) for easy movement, and two or three bung holes to assist with venting of the kiln and cooling. All the kilns are fitted with a Harting socket for flexible controller connection. For extra security, lids are fitted with a quick-release lock and have padlock provision.
Model: P5975 P5959
Firing Capacity: 79 litres (2.79cu/ft) 187 litres (6.61cu/ft)
Max Temp: 1300°C
Power: 6.5kW 12kW
Weight: 88kg 140kg
Chamber Dimensions: 468dia. x 457(H)mm 646dia. x 571(H)mm
External Dimensions: 660dia. x 877(H)mm 838dia. x 991(H)mm
Power Requirements: 415V 10A or 240V 32A Fused switch-disconnector 415V 20A or 240V 63A Fused switch disconnector
Warranty: 3 Years On-Site (UK Mainland)
3 Years Return and Collect (Elsewhere)

Kiln Controllers

The CERA-2 controller is supplied as standard with each kiln. It has two programs, each with three segments - delay start, three heating/cooling ramps, soak, cut-off and program pause. It is a straight forward controller for pottery firing where usually two programs are used. Having three ramps allows for a warming or a cooling phase in the program.

An upgrade option is available to the CERA-10 controller at time of purchase of the kiln. The CERA-10 controller has ten programs, each with ten segments - delay start, ten heating/cooling ramps, a target temperature, soak, cut-off and program pause. This advanced controller is ideal for firings where a range of programs are frequently used. The CERA-10 can be used for any firing requiring close control over multiple heating and cooling ramps such as macro crystal glazes and for glass slumping and fusing.

Test Kiln

Test Kiln
This is a small kiln designed for test firing clays and glazes without having to fire a large kiln. The kiln comes with a controller and full kiln furniture set. It can be bench mounted provided the work surface is fireproof.
Model: Test Kiln
Firing Capacity: 9 litres (0.32cu/ft)
Max Temp: 1300°C
Power: 2.5kW
Weight: 50kg
Chamber Dimensions: 180(W) x 230(D) x 230(H)mm
External Dimensions: 350(W) x 490(D) x 450(H)mm
Power Requirements: 240V 13A or 13A Socket
Warranty: 3 Years On-Site (UK Mainland)
3 Years Return and Collect (Elsewhere)

Wetback Spraybooth with Stand

Wetback Spraybooth with Stand
Designed to enable glazes to be applied by spray in safety, but also offers the chance to re-cycle ‘overspray’ material. The unit uses a continuous water curtain of recycling water and a powerful fan to trap overspray. Most of the solid particles are trapped by the water. The particles that escape then get trapped by a series of two filters, a washable stainless steel filter, followed by a washable filter bag. The material trapped by the water can be reclaimed by allowing it first to settle, and then siphoning off the water. It is not possible to separate different colours or types of glazes from the sediment but, with careful management, this ingenious spray booth offers not only a safe working environment but an economical means to apply valuable glaze material by spray gun.
Model: Wetback Spraybooth with Stand
Fan: 2000CFM
Air Extraction: 250 cu. ft/min
Working Depth: 350mm
Weight: 118kg approx
Hood Internal Dimensions: 625(W) x 420(D) x 638(H)mm
Dimensions External: 720(W) x 1290(D) x 1655(H)mm
Power Requirements: 240V 6.8A or 13A Socket
Warranty: 1 Year Return to Base (UK Mainland)
1 Year Return and Collect (Elsewhere)

Prices (excluding VAT)

Top Loading Kilns
Products Price Buy
P5975 Topworker 79 litre (inc controller & furniture set)
Order Code: AR-KILN19
P5959 Topworker 176 litre (inc controller & furniture set)
Order Code: AR-KILN22
Extraction Hood for AR-KILN19
Order Code: AR-KILN19C
Extraction Hood for AR-KILN22
Order Code: AR-KILN22C
Upgrade from the Standard CERA-2 Controller with 2 programs and 3 segments to the CERA-10 Controller with 10 programs and 10 segments. For Fireworker, Heatworker, Lightmaster, Ceramaster and Topworker P5975/P5959 Kilns
Order Code: AR-KILNC10UP
Test Kiln
Products Price Buy
P5900 Test Kiln 9 litre (inc controller & furniture set)
Order Code: AR-KILN32
Stand for AR-KILN32
Order Code: AR-KILN27B
Kiln Canopy for AR-KILN32
Order Code: AR-KILN32C
Wetback Spraybooth with Stand
Products Price Buy
Wetback Spraybooth with Stand