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Machine Maintenance

LaserCAM Servicing and Maintenance
Machine Maintenance
Routine maintenance of LaserCAM machines is largely a matter of cleaning, lubrication and checking filter condition. Full training on what is needed is covered at the time of installation and is backed up with detailed instructions contained within the TechSoft Training Guide.

Maintenance beyond this, including alignment of the laser beam, requires specialist training and equipment and must not be attempted by the user.
LaserCAM Annual Service / Maintenance Call-Out
Laser Maintenance
Provided user maintenance guidelines are followed carefully and a regular maintenance routine is established, then it will be some time before a LaserCAM needs further attention. Quite how long will depend on use, but many schools opt for an annual service once the warranty period has expired. This service includes cleaning and adjustment of all mechanical and optical systems together with output tests to determine the efficiency of mirrors and lenses. Laser beam alignment is critical to efficient performance so this is checked and adjusted as needed. ‘Raw’ laser output is measured and this can give an indication of tube life expectancy. Schools will receive a full report following the service.
LaserCAM Standard Call-Out
TechSoft Vans
The most common reason for a LaserCAM failing to give consistent results is misalignment of the laser beam and/or mechanical systems. Age and use will contribute to this, but so too will over-enthusiastic cleaning, accidental knocks and bumps, and moving the machine to a new location. Most of these issues can be solved with a single call-out. Our engineers do not ‘clock-watch’, but about an hour on-site is usually all that is needed. If component failure is diagnosed, then parts will be charged in addition. In the unlikely event that parts are not available, our engineer will return to complete the repair with no further charges being levied. If a failed laser tube is diagnosed then this call-out charge will be absorbed within the cost of fitting a replacement tube.
CNC Machine Maintenance and Training
Laser Training
Staff changes often mean that expertise is lost and we receive frequent enquiries about elderly (and not so elderly) TechSoft machines ‘discovered’ by teachers new to a department. Machines include LaserCAMs and many of the TechSoft/Roland knife-cutting and milling/routing systems. In nearly every case, machines can be re-commissioned at very low cost and need only basic maintenance to bring back into service. We will, of course, need to liaise in some detail to check on machine type, condition and likely work needed before calling. A Maintenance and Training Call-Out provides a TechSoft engineer on-site for up to two hours to carry out maintenance and re-commissioning work, with a further two hours to deliver staff training. This can prove an extremely cost-effective way to boost CAD/CAM work in a department.
Workshop Service
Workshop Service
Schools have a legal responsibility to maintain workshop equipment in a safe condition that complies with the relevant safety standards. This includes an annual Service Report where the condition and compliance of every machine is noted and any necessary repairs or shortcomings are highlighted for attention.

TechSoft will carry out this work and set up the required service records schools need to retain. These records will detail compliance and make recommendations about any items that fail to meet the required standard. It is the school’s responsibility to act on these recommendations. If required, TechSoft will provide a quotation to carry out any remedial work identified.

Servicing includes reporting on all machines, lubrication and adjustment of drive belts, guards and interlocks as needed. Machine repairs (as such) are not included. Larger departments may require more than a single one-day visit, please contact TechSoft for advice prior to booking.

N.B. COSHH responsibilities require all extraction systems to be tested for correct flow rates and filter efficiency. This work is normally carried out by H&S specialists, but, if required, TechSoft can arrange this for you.
(excluding VAT)
Standard Callout for 1 TechSoft CNC machine (UK Mainland). Includes fault diagnosis & repair. Excludes cost of any parts required.
Order Code: CALLOUT_S
Maintenance Callout / Annual Service for one TechSoft CNC Machine (UK Mainland). Includes fault diagnosis & repair, service including safety check and report, belt tensioning, lubrication, etc. Excludes cost of any parts required.
Order Code: CALLOUT_M
Maintenance Callout / Annual Service / Training for one TechSoft CNC machine (UK Mainland). Included fault diagnosis & repair, service including safety check and report, belt tensioning, lubrication, etc. Also includes a brief training refresher for new staff members using the equipment, eg., LaserCAM. Excludes cost of any parts required.
Order Code: CALLOUT_MT
Maintenance Callout / Annual Service for multiple TechSoft CNC machines (UK Mainland). Includes fault diagnosis & repair, service including safety check and report, belt tensioning, lubrication, etc. Excludes cost of any parts required. One engineer on-site for 1 day max (additional consecutive days chargeable at £395+VAT)
Order Code: CALLOUT_VC
Additional Day/Engineer for CALLOUT_VC