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Roland VersaUV

Produce Virtually Anything on Demand with Direct to Object Printing

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VersaUV LEF-12iVersaUV LEF2-200VersaUV LEF-300Roland VersaUV

Roland VersaUV

(excluding VAT)
Roland VersaUV LEF-12i Desktop Flatbed Printer
Order Code: RL-UV-LEF12
Roland VersaUV LEF2-200 Flatbed UV Printer
Order Code: RL-UV2-LEF200
Roland VersaUV LEF-300 Flatbed UV Printer
Order Code: RL-UV-LEF300
* A full set of inks must also be purchased with the machine. The LEF2-200 and LEF-300 have different ink configurations that cannot be altered after purchase.
220cc EcoUV4 Ink Cartridge. Available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Gloss.
Order Code: RLP-EUV4-2COL
220cc EcoUV Primer
Order Code: RLP-EUV4-PR
500cc EcoUV4 Ink Cartridge. Available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and Gloss. N.B. For use with LEF-300 only
Order Code: RLP-EUV4-5COL
Recommended Extras
Recommended Software
TechSoft Design V3More Info
What's Included
  • Roland VersaWorks™ 6 (RIP & Print management software)
    N.B. TechSoft Design V3 outputs to the TrueVIS via VersaWorks™ 6 software. The link is provided by the VersaWorks printer driver (File > Print in TechSoft Design V3).
  • Windows Printer Driver
Product Description

VersaUV Printers
VersaUV printers are specialised printers that can print directly onto a wide range of materials including acrylic, wood, fabric, leather, etc. They are ideal for personalising a wide range of goods including pens, mobile phone cases, personalised awards, industrial goods, etc. Any business enterprise will soon re-coup the cost of the machine just by selling personalised mobile phone cases, for example.

What Kind of Surface Can I Print Onto?
The VersaUV printers are capable of printing onto, not only flat surfaces, but also uneven surfaces where the unevenness is up to 2mm. The flatbed construction of the VersaUV printers, together with their built-in laser alignment system, automatically adjusts the distance between the print-head and the surface of the material for optimum printing results. The object itself can be up to 100mm thick.

About the Technology
VersaUV printers use ECO-UV Ink which is designed for flexibility so that it can stretch around complex corners and curves. The integrated UV-LED lamp instantly cures ink during printing. The lamp requires no warm-up time, making it efficient to use and cool to touch.

What about Safety?
Each VersaUV printer features a protective cover to fully encase moving parts and prevent dust entering the print area. It also serves to protect the operator from UV light during operation. The long-life, low temperature UV-LED curing lamp is ozone free and is a safe alternative to conventional UV lamps. The ECO-UV ink is contained inside cartridges so the user never comes into direct contact with it before it has been cured. After curing, the ink is of course perfectly safe to touch.

An optional, but highly recommended, air filtration system is available for use with each VersaUV printer. This includes an activated carbon filter which effectively removes odour and volatile substances that occur during printing. The extraction unit fits neatly underneath the printer.

What Colour and Textures Can I Create?
For vibrant full colour printing a base layer of white ink can be used as a primer on clear or dark coloured materials. Layers of clear ink can be applied to create an ‘embossing’ effect or 3D texture. The Roland Texture System Library supplied has 72 ready-to-use texture patterns so with just one click you can create some very attractive designs.

What Software Do I Need?
Images can be designed in virtually any graphics package, though we would, of course, recommend TechSoft Design V3. The image is then transferred to the RIP software provided with the printer, ie., VersaWorks 6. The texture patterns, white base primer, etc., can be added to the design before outputting to the machine.

Are there any Optional Extras?
Aside from the extraction unit which we would highly recommend, the only other optional hardware accessory is a rotary unit called the RotaPrint® which allows the system to print onto cylindrical items with a diameter between 40mm and 76mm. Coto Design software, as alternative to the included VersaWorks 6 software is also available as an optional extra.
VersaUV LEF-12i
The ideal, affordable, starter machine for anyone wanting to get started in the fast-growing market for personalised print and bespoke goods and services. Small enough to fit into any studio, office, workshop or retail environment, the LEF-12i is a compact device which prints directly onto a huge range of items and substrates.
VersaUV LEF-12i
VersaUV LEF2-200
The LEF2-200 is the latest addition to the Roland VersaUV LEF series of flatbed printers. Featuring a 500mm print width in a great stylish design, the LEF2-200 offers brilliant colour printing capabilities on a vast array of materials.
VersaUV LEF2-200
VersaUV LEF-300
The LEF-300 is the largest in the Roland VersaUV LEF series of flatbed printers. Featuring a 770mm print width, four print heads and two long life, low temperature UV-LED lamps for faster curing, the LEF-300 significantly increases productivity.
VersaUV LEF-300
Extraction Units
An optional, but highly recommended, air filtration system is available for each machine. Each extraction unit sits neatly underneath the printer and includes an activated carbon filter which effectively removes the odour and volatile substances that can occur during printing.
VersaUV LEF-12i with Extraction Unit
Product Specifications
Model:VersaUV LEF-12iVersaUV LEF2-200VersaUV LEF-300
Max Print Area:305 x 280mm508 x 330mm770 x 330mm
Ink Configuration:CMYK + Gloss + WhiteCMYK + White + White
or CMYK + White + Primer
or CMYK + White + Gloss
CMYK + Gloss + Gloss + White
or CMYK + Primer + Gloss + White
Print Resolution:1,440dpi (max)1,440dpi (max)1,440dpi (max)
Ink Curing:UV-LED lampUV-LED lamp2 x UV-LED lamps
Dimensions:999(W) x 862(D) x 549(H)mm1202(W) x 962(D) x 549(H)mm1560(W) x 955(D) x 576(H)mm
Warranty:UK Mainland & Ireland: 1 Year On-Site
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect
UK Mainland & Ireland: 1 Year On-Site
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect
UK Mainland & Ireland: 1 Year On-Site
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect
Recommended Extras
BOFA Extractor for VersaUV LEF-12i
Order Code: RL-UV-LEF12EXT
BOFA Extractor for Roland VersaUV LEF2-200
Order Code: RL-UV2-LEF200EXT
BOFA Extractor for Roland VersaUV LEF-300
Order Code: RL-UV-LEF300EXT
Optional Extras
Optional SC Rotary device for Roland VersaUV LEF2-200/LEF-200/LEF-20/SF-200
Order Code: RL-UV2-LEF200ROT
Coto Design Software (includes dongle)
Order Code: RL-SW1