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Stabiliser fabric acts as an important second layer to prevent the top fabric from distorting, puckering, catching or being pulled down into the machine. The stabiliser fabric is stretched firmly in the embroidery hoop, usually with the fabric to be worked on top. This prevents the fabric from moving or stretching during the embroidery process. Choosing the right stabiliser fabric can be a minefield. There is a huge variety of makes and types to choose from and they all profess to do different things. TechSoft have narrowed the choice down to four materials from the Vilene range - a company with an excellent reputation for reliability, good value and repeatability.
Sample Pack
Stabilisers are essential backing materials to prevent fabric distortion and stitch problems when using machine embroidery. Interfacings are used as a stiffening layer hidden between surface fabrics - collars and cuffs are typical examples. Interfacings are (however) excellent construction materials in their own right. They can be cut, sewn, surface-decorated, folded and assembled to open up new and innovative possibilities for textiles work.
Sample Pack of Stabiliser and Interfacing Materials (Contains 9 A4 sheets of Vilene Stabilisers & Interfacings, ie., one each of Vilene Stitch & Tear, Fuse & Tear, Soluble (Solufleece), Self-Adhesive (Filmoplast), Vilene S80, S133, Decovil Light & Decovil 1)
Order Code: TXM-P1
Stitch and Tear
A non-sticky stabiliser that can be used on all fabrics. Finer fabrics may require more than one layer to prevent movement. Used for all types of decorative sewing, applique and machine embroidery. Tear away loose stabiliser once embroidery is complete.
10 A4 Sheets Vilene Stitch & Tear Stabiliser
Order Code: TXM11-A4-10
25m x 900mm roll Vilene Stitch & Tear Embroidery Stabiliser
Order Code: TXM11-9-25
Fuse and Tear
An iron-on stabiliser that is used to back stretch or knitted fabrics or dimensionally unstable woven fabrics. Iron-on dry at a medium heat for 5 seconds. Tear off loose stabiliser after stitching.
10 A4 Sheets Vilene Fuse & Tear Stabiliser
Order Code: TXM12-A4-10
25m x 900mm roll Vilene Stitch & Tear Stabiliser
Order Code: TXM12-9-25
Soluble (Solufleece)
A water-soluble, non-woven stabiliser for all types of machine embroidery and other creative sewing techniques. Once stitched, it provides the necessary base-fibre to reinforce and integrate stitches to become (in effect) free-standing. Simply draw your design and free-machine or output in the usual way. After machining, simply wash out surplus material in cold or warm water. Use it in the hoop to create lace designs, or place a layer on top of pile fabrics to give a crisper finish by preventing stitches sinking into the pile.
10 A4 Sheets Vilene Soluble Stabiliser
Order Code: TXM13-A4-10
25m x 900mm roll Vilene Soluble Stabiliser
Order Code: TXM13-9-25
Self-Adhesive (Filmoplast)
A double sided stabiliser that is useful for machine applique. Iron the non-paper side onto your applique material. Remove the paper to reveal the tacky side and then position the applique material as required.
10 A4 Sheets Vilene Self-Adhesive Stabiliser
Order Code: TXM14-A4-10
15m x 545mm roll Vilene Self-Adhesive Stabiliser
Order Code: TXM14-5-15