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CAD/CAM Packages

At TechSoft we are often asked for advice by both HOD’s and architects about the sort of provision required to deliver CAD/CAM across a D&T department. Of course individual school’s requirements will always vary according to numbers, existing provision, etc. However we felt that it would be useful to put together some recommendations as to what a sensible provision would be for a “standard” school. Our team of experienced ex-D&T teachers and Heads of Departments have come up with a range of recommendations based on their personal teaching experience, and the experience of visiting hundreds of schools up and down the country. They came up with three categories of provision based not just on cost, but on the school’s circumstances, eg., an 11-18 Technology College may well expect to deliver CAD/CAM at a higher level than a 11-16 general comprehensive school.

Having generated these equipment lists, we felt that it would be a good idea to offer them to schools as complete packages:

D&T Basic

This is the minimum provision we would advise to deliver CAD/CAM in an 11-16 school. It will ensure that all materials areas within the KS3 D&T curriculum have shared access to appropriate CAD/CAM resources, and it will provide a basic level of resource for students at KS4.

D&T Standard

This level of provision will enable an 11-16 school to build a D&T curriculum that includes CAD/CAM as a key component of student’s work throughout KS3 and KS4. It is particularly appropriate for schools with Technology or Engineering specialist status, and should be considered the minimum provision to resource AS, A-level or IB courses.

D&T Premium

This is an appropriate level of provision for schools placing a strong emphasis on modern manufacturing in their D&T curriculum, and should be the level to which all schools and colleges aspire. It should be regarded as the standard for schools undergoing new build or refurbishment programs.

Textiles Add-On

Textiles is an important aspect of Design and Technology and one that particularly lends itself to CAD/CAM, both to enhance the range and quality of products that can be made, and to reflect industrial practise. The general D&T packages above will provide some resources for textiles teachers, but we felt it would be helpful to list extra packages as “add-ons” for schools with, or wishing to develop, particular strength in this area. The advantage of adding textile resources alongside the main D&T package, is that schools can be assured of compatibility and common learning platforms in all areas of D&T.

Training Add-On

Training is a vital ingredient when equipping a department with new CAD/CAM machinery. Many TechSoft machines are supplied with Inset training packs, and some come with on-site training included. However it is advisable, especially when purchasing a large number of machines, to consider additional ‘add-on’ training days.


Of course, TechSoft are always happy to talk to schools about their individual requirements if the packages shown are not suitable. We can also supply standard material bundles to help relieve teachers of the burden of having to make dozens of purchasing decisions at an already stressful time.

Design & Technology CAD/CAM Packages for Schools

Prices £ Basic Standard Premium
40,320.00 107,525.00 228,810.00
Product Basic Standard Premium
Qty Qty Qty
2D Design V2 Site & Student License 1 1 1
2D PCB Site & Student License 1 1 1
SOLIDWORKS School License 1 1 1
Stika SV-8E 1 2 2
CAMM 1 GS-24E with Accessories
Includes: Spare cutter
1 2 2
(Standard 4 Colour Configuration)
TrueVIS SG-540 1
Combined Laser Image Transfer (LIT) and Sublimation Full Starter Pack
Includes TMT OKI A4 C612N laser printer, Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 A4 printer, A4 Pink heat press with 2 PTFE sheets, ARC mug press, satin mug wrap, A Pad, T Pad, sponge, heat resistant tape, 200 sheets A4 sublimation paper, 100 sheets LIT A4 fabric transfer paper, 100 sheets LIT A4 non-fabric transfer paper
1 1
Combined Laser Image Transfer (LIT) and Sublimation Full Professional Pack
Includes TMT OKI A3 C8432WT white laser printer, Sawgrass Virtuoso SG800 A3 printer, Deep A3+ Swing Press, Cap/Pocket Press, Double Mug Press, A Pad, T Pad, sponge, heat resistant tape, 100 sheets A3 sublimation paper, 50 sheets LIT A3 professional fabric transfer paper, 50 sheets LIT A3 rough surface transfer paper
RotoCAMM MDX-40AE Workstation Package & Accessories
Includes: TechSoft Workstation with auto-switch extractor,Self-Centering Vice, Mixed Tool Pack, 3D Tool Pack, PCB Tool Pack.
1 2 2
Modela Pro II MDX-540E Stand Alone Package & Accessories
Includes: Self-Centering Vice, Tee-Slot Bars(Pack of 2), Machine Vice, Extractor with Attachment, Mixed Tool Pack, 3D Tool Pack, PCB Tool Pack
1 1
RouterCAM 1290 with Accessories
Includes: Extractor with Attachment, Collet Pack, Router Tool Pack, Plastics Tool Pack, 3D Tool Pack
LaserCAM A2+ 30W Package 1 2 1
LaserCAM A1+ 60W Package 1
Flashforge 3D Printer 1 3 5
uPrint SE Color 3D Printer and Removal System
Includes: Stand
Boxford CNC Miller 190VMCxi and CNC Lathe 160TCLi 1

Textiles "Add-on" Packages for Schools

Prices £ Basic Standard Premium
14,380.00 25,080.00 33,805.00
Product Basic Standard Premium
Qty Qty Qty
PE Design Plus 2 1 1 1
PE Design 10 3 5
Brother Innov-is 35 20 20 20
Brother Innov-is F440E with Thread Starter Set 1 1 1
Brother Innov-is V3 with Thread Starter Set 1 2 3
Brother PR-670E with Thread Starter Set 1 1
Cap, Sleeve, Shoe & Narrow Clamp Frames for PR-670E 1
CAMM 1 GS-24E with Spare Cutter 1 1 1
Sublimation Textiles Starter Pack A4 1 1
Sublimation Textiles Starter Pack A3 1

Training "Add-on" Packages for Schools

Prices £ Basic Standard Premium
925.00 1,850.00 2,780.00
Product Basic Standard Premium
Qty Qty Qty
Additional Day(s) of Training 1 2 3

N.B. Additional training days can be taken at any time. It may be beneficial to schedule refresher training at a later date, once the department has had a chance to start teaching with the new equipment.