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Plastic Recycling

Thermoforming Equipment

Clarke R25 Schredder

Clarke R25 Schredder
Very much a machine for our age, the R25 Schredder enables students to turn waste plastic into useful material for future projects. By direct involvement with re-cycling, students will engage with key issues concerning sustainability, and begin to appreciate environmental imperatives that require effort and have a cost. Scrap material will need cleaning, drying and sorting which leads to questions about responsible consumption. The raw material may be free but how long before you break-even? Can you put a price on the environmental benefit of using material that otherwise would have been dumped? All important questions but, luckily, the machine itself is a lot simpler to explain!

The Clarke R25 Schredder is a cold granulator that uses a combination of fixed and rotating blades to process waste thermoplastic into fine granules. Material is loaded into a hopper and then passes through the blades until fine enough to pass a mesh filter and on into a collection bin. Most types of thermoplastic are suitable and this includes rigid (not foamed) polystyrene, PET, polypropylene, acrylic, etc. Material can be sorted into same-colour batches or mixed to give a speckled or multi-coloured effect.

N.B. The Schred recycling system is unable to fully process acrylic. The Schredder can granulate acrylics without issue, however the Sheet Press (or any other system) will be unable to re-constitute a sheet of pure acrylic.

Testing has proven that success rate with acrylic is very much dependant on the grade being used, and that (in reality) you would be unlikely to have any control or knowledge of this grade due to variations in composition from suppliers. On this basis, the best result that you could achieve reliably is material that has a content of acrylic (<50%), but that this is mixed with a more meltable material (such as HiPS or PP) acting as a binder between the grains of acrylic. This is still a very useable material.

Acrylic is unique in being tricky to process, but many other types of thermoplastic such as rigid (not foamed) polystyrene, LDPE (milk bottles), polypropylene, etc., can be processed with ease.
Model:Clarke R25 Schredder
Cutting Chamber:200 x 280mm
Rotor Speed:290rpm
Max. Throughput Capacity:80kg/hr
Dimensions:575(W) x 870(D) x 1370(H)mm
Power Requirements:240V 8A, 13A Sockets
Warranty:UK Mainland: 1 Year On-Site
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect

Clarke R30 Sheet Press

Clarke R30 Sheet Press
The R30 Sheet Press takes granulated thermoplastic material from the Shredder and uses heat and pressure to convert it into useable material for line bending, laser cutting, milling or vacuum forming. The press comprises two temperature controlled aluminium hotplates and a cassette to hold the granulated material. The cassette is evenly loaded with granules and placed between the hotplates. A built-in hydraulic ram is then used to compress the granules and an appropriate time and heat cycle is set on the digital control panel. Heat and pressure cause the granules to fuse, and when the cycle is complete, the pressure is released and the cassette is removed. Sheets must then be allowed to cool and this can be hastened by cold-water rinsing, or by using the optional fan-assisted cooling system.

The standard cassette supplied produces a flat 457 x 254mm sheet which is suitable for the Clarke 725 FLB vacuum former. Other cassettes are available and these include a form tool for producing Frisbees. Making ‘bespoke’ form tools offers considerable scope for sustainable student project work and an interesting engineering challenge.
Model:Clarke R30 Sheet Press
Panel Size:457 x 254mm (standard)
305 x 229mm (with optional MMP - RS - CAS1 tray)
457 x 305mm (with optional MMP - RS - CAS3 tray)
Average Panel Thickness:2-3mm
Average Time to Press a Sheet:10 minutes
Dimensions:690(W) x 510(D) x 620(H)mm
Power Requirements:240V 8A, 13A Socket
Warranty:UK Mainland: 1 Year On-Site
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect

Prices (excluding VAT)

Clarke R25 Schredder
R25 Schred Plastic Granulator (3 phase)
Order Code: MM-RECYCLE1T
R25 Schred Plastic Granulator (1 phase)
Order Code: MM-RECYCLE1S
Clarke R30 Sheet Press
R30 Sheet Press
Order Code: MM-RECYCLE2
Stand c/w Locking Castors (for MM-RECYCLE2)
Order Code: MM-RECYCLE2B
Cooling System (optional extra for stand MM-RECYCLE2B)
Order Code: MM-RECYCLE2C
Frisbee Mould for R30 Schred Press
Order Code: MMP-RS-M1
Schred PTFE Coated Sheet Cassette - 305 x 229mm Sheet Size
Order Code: MMP-RS-CAS1
Schred PTFE Coated Sheet Cassette - 457 x 254mm Sheet Size (Replacement)
Order Code: MMP-RS-CAS2
Schred PTFE Coated Sheet Cassette - 457 x 305mm Sheet Size (Replacement)
Order Code: MMP-RS-CAS3
Dye Sublimation Cassette
Order Code: MMP-RS-CAS4