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Mayku FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former

Mayku FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former

Mayku FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former

Complete Package
TechSoft FormBox Education Bundle. Includes 50 form sheets, 50 cast sheets, 20 clear sheets, mini vacuum cleaner, 1kg of casting material, 3 starter templates, universal vacuum adaptor, Mayku Teach Online Curriculum.
Order Code: MM-VACFORM14P
Machine Only
Formbox vacuum former. Includes 40 free sheets, 1kg of casting material, 3 starter templates, universal vacuum adaptor. N.B. Requires separate vacuum cleaner.
Order Code: MM-VACFORM14
Product Video
Product Description
Give your classroom superpowers
Mayku believes students, teachers and creators should have the power to make incredible things from their desk. Packing industrial strength into a small space, the FormBox is a powerful, portable learning tool.

Kid-friendly and easy to use
The FormBox allows students to create simple forms from everyday items, such as potatoes or plasticine. The FormBox is certified for kids 8+ under adult supervision. Kids 12 and over can use it without an adult. So you’ll be able to keep them engaged for hours without worrying about health and safety.

Bring STEAM subjects to life
Foster direct, creative engagement in STEAM curriculums and allow cost-effective exploration of product design, technology, manufacture, business concepts and beyond.

Everything you need to get started
The FormBox comes with 30 free sheets, casting materials and 3 project templates to use in the classroom. Combined with free access to Mayku’s online library of projects, you’ll be able to get kids engaged straight out of the box.

Big power, low price
Four times cheaper than the nearest competitor - the FormBox lets learners bring their ideas to life, prototype designs and build their very own miniature production lines - whilst saving your budget.

Compact and easy to store
The FormBox gives advanced manufacturing technology in a space no larger than a laptop, taking up less space in the learning environment.

Turbocharge your 3D printer
Help those little inventors pioneer the future of desktop manufacturing. Partner the FormBox with a 3D printer to create multiples in minutes.

Choose from a world of materials
Bring unique ideas into the real world in hundreds of different ways by choosing from a huge range of materials to work with; giving you the freedom to develop new and creative ways of getting kids engaged with learning.
Product Specifications
Forming area:200x200mm
Draw depth:130mm
Material thickness:0.5mm-1.5mm
Mayku Cast Sheets 30 pack
Transparent and food-safe 0.5mm sheets for making reusable molds. The slight flex and non-stick surface that the sheet provides ensures that your templates and casts can be removed with ease. Fully recyclable, partly made from recycled plastic waste.

Mayku Form Sheets 30 pack
A 0.5mm versatile, easy-to-use white sheet. Great for product packaging, prototyping and enhancing decorative craft projects. Fully recyclable, partly made from recycled plastic waste.

Mayku Clear Sheets 20 Pack
This new sheet is made from 1.0mm PETg. Fully transparent, Durable long-life moulds, Non-stick surface [Not suitable for resins of any kind], Food-safe [FDA grade], Professional product prototyping, Create high quality models, Sheets are 100% recyclable in domestic waste collection.

Mayku Flex Sheets 15 Pack
Flex Sheets are a transparent sheet material that remains flexible after it has been formed, improving the de-molding experience and enabling users to incorporate small undercuts and vertical walls into their designs. Food safe and flexible reusable molds in minutes.
Mayku Cast Sheets 30 Pack (0.5mm PETg)
Order Code: MMP-VF-CAST1
Mayku Form Sheets 30 pack
Order Code: MMP-VF-FORM1
Mayku Clear Sheets 1.0mm 20 pack
Order Code: MMP-VF-CLEAR1
Mayku Flex Sheets 1.0mm 15 pack
Order Code: MMP-VF-FLEX1