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Formech Vacuum Formers

Thermoforming Equipment

Formech Compac Mini Vacuum Former
Formech Compac Mini Vacuum Former
This is a compact and versatile machine requiring minimal working space aimed at entry level vacuum forming. Incorporating the latest technology it is safe and easy to use and can produce high quality vacuum formings. Forming area 280mm x 230mm. Single zone ceramic heaters, forms up 4mm material, safety interlock + pressure outlet.

Easy to house when space is tight and ideal as an individual resource where small packaging and housing projects are a regular need.
Formech Compact Mini Vacuum Former
Order Code: MM-VACFORM5
Stand with Castors for MM-VACFORM5
Order Code: MM-VACFORM5B
Reducing Window 125 x 100mm (aperture)
Order Code: MM-VACFORM5F
Starter Pack of Plastic cut to 300 x 250mm (for Mini, MM-VACFORM5).
(Contains 10 panels 1mm black HIPS; 10 panels 1mm white HIPS; 10 panels 1.5mm blue HIPS; 10 panels 1.5mm red HIPS; 10 panels 1.5mm yellow HIPS; 10 panels 1.5mm black ABS Pinseal, 16 Panels 0.5mm Clear PETG)
Order Code: MMP-VF-SP11
Model:Compac Mini
Sheet Size:300 x 250mm
Forming Area:280 x 230mm
Max. Mould Height:130mm
Max. Material Thickness:4mm
Dimensions:440(W) x 835(D) x 425(H)mm
Power Requirements:240V 13A, 13A Socket
Warranty:UK Mainland: 1 Year Return to Base
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect
Formech 450DT Vacuum Former
Formech 450DT Vacuum Former
The 450DT has powerful quartz heaters which are ready to use in seconds providing rapid heat response times. Variable standby reduces power to the heater when it is in the rear position. The forming area is 430 x 280mm, and the 4” touch screen control allows the four independent heating zones to be controlled with ease. Up to 20 programs can be saved to the memory.

A high specification, large work area, and energy saving control systems make this an ideal whole-department resource and a highly capable individual workshop machine.
Formech 450DT Vacuum Former (Forming area 430 x 280mm, Depth of Draw 160mm)
Order Code: MM-VACFORM9
Stand with Castors and Locking Wheels for 450DT vacuum former (MM-VACFORM9)
Order Code: MM-VACFORM9B
Reducing Window 228 x 203mm aperture for MM-VACFORM9
Order Code: MM-VACFORM9C
Starter Pack of Plastic cut to 450 x 300mm (for 450DT, MM-VACFORM6/9).
(Contains 12 panels 1mm black HIPS; 12 panels 1mm white HIPS; 6 panels 1.5mm blue HIPS; 6 panels 1.5mm red HIPS; 6 panels 1.5mm yellow HIPS; 6 panels 1.5mm black ABS Pinseal, 8 Panels 0.5mm Clear PETG)
Order Code: MMP-VF-SP12
Sheet Size:450 x 300mm
Forming Area:430 x 280mm
Max. Mould Height:160mm
Max. Material Thickness:6mm
Dimensions:639(W) x 986(D) x 525(H)mm
Power Requirements:240V 13A, 13A Socket
Warranty:UK Mainland & Northern Ireland: 1 Year Return to Base