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Pensa Labs D.I.Wire

The World's first Desktop CNC Wire Bender

Pensa Labs D.I.Wire

Pensa Labs D.I.Wire

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D.I.Wire Plus CNC Wire Bender.
Includes 1/8" bend head and feed wheels and D.I.Wire Wireware Software
Order Code: TM-DW18
Accessories and Consumables
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Product Description
What is a D.I.Wire?
The D.I.Wire is a small machine that bends wire into elaborate shapes by following simple vector drawings. The bent wires can then be assembled to make just about any 3D structure.

Ease of Use
First design the shape you require in any design software that outputs .svg files. Next, drag and drop the file into the Wireware software provided. (Alternatively, script mode can be used to create complex programs using conversational script or G-code.) Wireware tells you the length of the wire needed and detects any points in the image that the machine cannot bend. Simply connect the D.I.Wire to your computer with a USB cable, load the wire and then press “Bend” in the software to bend your shape in just minutes.

How Does It Work?
Wire is loaded into one end, where a series of feeding rollers ensure it’s straight before sending it to a bending head. The machine is capable of forming curves and angles up to 135° while rotating the wire in any direction, giving users freedom in their designs.

Creative Designs
Individual bent wires can be soldered or clipped together to create fantastic 3D structures. D.I.Wire provides endless possibilities for Art and Design students.

Includes D.I.Wire Wireware 2.0 Software. Imports SVG files to output to the wire bender.
Product Specifications
Model:D.I.Wire Plus
Dimensions:241(W) x 368(D) x 171(H)mm
Diameter Range:1.6mm to 3.2mm
Materials:Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Cold Bend Plastic
Max Bend Angle:135°
Interface (to PC):USB
Warranty:UK Mainland & Ireland: 1 Year Return to Base
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect
Accessories and Consumables
Mixed Pack of 10 rods, 3m length
4 x 1/8" dia bright mild steel, 3 x 1/8" dia brass, 3 x 1/8" dia aluminium
Order Code: TAW3-PK1
Pack of 10 Bright Mild Steel Rods
1/8" diameter, 3m length
Order Code: TAW3-BMS8-10
Pack of 10 Brass Rods
1/8" diameter, 3m length
Order Code: TAW3-BR8-10
Pack of 10 Aluminium Rods
1/8" diameter, 3m length
Order Code: TAW3-AL8-10
Pack of 100 Pre-Cut Parallel Joint Clips
Cut to 3/8"
Order Code: TMP-DW-PCC100
Pack of 10 Uncut Parallel Joint Clips
12" long, cut to length
Order Code: TMP-DW-UCC10
Pack of 10 Universal Metal Clips
Metal fixture clips for 1/8" wire
Order Code: TMP-DW-UMC10
Wire Cutters
D.I.Wire Mini Wire/Bolt Cutters. 8-inch Lever Action Mini-Bolt Cutter with Notch
Order Code: TMP-DW-MBC