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Computerised Knitting

Knitting Software and Machine

Computerised Knitting

Computerised Knitting

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Silver Reed SK840 Standard Gauge Knitting Machine
Order Code: MM-KNITMACH1
Silverlink 5 for all Silver Reed Electronic Knitting Machines (Links the PC to the knitting machine. The interactive knitting section of Designaknit software is used to transfer the pattern, via the Silver Link 5 to the knitting machine)
Order Code: KS006
DesignaKnit 8 Complete. Software for MM-KNITMACH1/2 (Available to educational establishments)
Order Code: KS001
DesignaKnit 8 HandKnit (Available to educational establishments)
Order Code: KS004
Extra Licence for DesignaKnit (per user)
Order Code: KS005
Product Description
SK840 Knitting Machine
The SK840 model is part of the Silver Reed Modular Electronic Knitting System. When combined with Designaknit 8 software, they offer almost unlimited scope for unique fabric creation with high production speed. The SK840 uses 200 needles and a standard 4.5mm pitch and will knit up to a light double-knit yarn. A Silverlink 5 device will be needed to transfer files from the PC.

User Friendly, Knitting Software
DesignaKnit 8 Complete for Windows is powerful CAD/CAM software for draughting knitwear, designing stitch patterns in colour and/or texture and converting photographs and other graphics to stitches. It is an ideal tool for all designers of hand or machine knit projects. Using the SilverLink 5, patterns can be downloaded in real time to all Silver Reed electronic machines and templates created for punch card machines.

Original Pattern Drafting
Design projects from scratch, or customize and adapt shapes from the Standard Garment Styler.

Stitch Designer
Design your own patterns using a range of tools and effects, or use the Graphics Studio to convert images and photos into stitch patterns.
  • Work in yarn colours and/or stitch textures, including cables
  • Use Machine Smart Symbols to control slip, tuck and other machine textures
  • Use Hand Knit Smart Symbols to generate editable text pattern instructions
  • Preview fabric texture
  • Use custom brushes and fills
  • Check for pattern errors according to knit method
  • Print charts, diagrams, templates and text - all of which can be exported via the Windows clipboard
  • Lace Tool (optional add-on) for use with the Silver Reed Lace Carriage. Allows you to design the finished pattern. DesignaKnit will work out the separation of the transfer rows.

Integrate Drafted Shapes with Stitch Patterns
Place the pattern blocks onto the stitch pattern and drag with the mouse, or use the cursor keys for fine placement control.
  • Cut out and preview results
  • Check for pattern mismatches

Interactive Knitting
Using the SilverLink 5 for electronic machines, download the pattern and follow the colour and shape instructions as you knit. (The ScreenLink can be used to access these features with non-electronic machines)
  • Preview yarn setup and colour changes
  • With the Lace Tool add-on, the DesignaKnit downloads the separated pattern and tells you which carriage to use and at what setting for each pass.
  • Listen to instructions and alerts via your sound system
Product Specifications
Model:Silver Reed SK840
Needle Pitch:4.5mm, 5.6 gauge
No. of Needles:200
Stitch Types:Stockinet, Fair Isle, Tuck Slip, Punch Lace, Weaving, Plating, Motifs
Dimensions:205(W) x 1110(D) x 98(H)mm