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TechSoft Projects

The Pen Project
The preparation of a full scheme of work can be tedious at the best of times. Given the pressures in teaching these days, time is usually at a premium. If you are currently struggling to find the time to develop your own resources, The Pen Project from TechSoft could well be the answer.

TechSoft UK Ltd

Target Machines:
MDX-15E, MDX-20E, MDX-40AE, MDX-40E, TS-30E, TS400E, PNC-2300/A, EGX-300E, EGX-350E, DE-3E, MDX-500E/650E/540E

Required Software:
Design Tools - 2D Design

Target Age:
Key stages 3-4

TechSoft UK Ltd

The TechSoft Pen Project is a lovely introduction to simple 2.5D design and manufacture, and is suitable for students from year 7 through to year 10. By creating a design, students will learn a variety of drawing skills, from using a grid, to creating an interesting shape using bezier curves. The school will simply need to provide 3mm sheet material (Forex classic is ideal), standard tools and double sided tape.

Machining time per project is from approximately 2.5mins on a RotoCAMM, or 5mins on a MODELA. (Times dependent on the material used.)

The pack consists of a project folder with Teachers’ Notes, Students’ Worksheets, etc. (all photocopiable), a CD containing setup files, etc., plus a copy of all documentation which may be directly printed, and 100 pen refills, ie., all you need to get going.
The Pen Project (Booklet, Materials & CD)
Replacement mini pen refills (Pk of 100) for the Pen Project
Order Code: TA-PP-PEN100
F1 in Schools Project Package
Schools thinking of entering the F1 Challenge will be delighted to know that they may already have the technology in place to design and build a winning car. The TechSoft F1 in Schools Project Package brings together software and hardware to make the task cost-effective and straightforward. If you already have a TechSoft milling machine compatible with our Self-Centering Vice, then you will be off to a flying start.

There is an ever growing number of schools who have chosen SOLIDWORKS Education Edition as their 3D CAD solution. SOLIDWORKS is supplied with a detailed step-by-step tutorial written specifically for the F1 in Schools challenge.

Once you have designed your car, and indeed during the design process, it is important that students are able to analyse their designs and make appropriate design changes. The SOLIDWORKS Education Edition comes complete with a sophisticated suite of Simulation software which allows analysis of CAD models. The SOLIDWORKS F1 in Schools tutorial details the use of Flow Simulation to produce aerodynamic tests.

TechSoft’s RotoCAMM MDX-40AE is very much a 3D machine and is ideally suited for machining the car bodies. Using TechSoft’s 3D CAM software (Visual Toolpath) and the self-centering vice (with TechSoft’s F1 in Schools car fixture) students can accurately machine both sides of their car.

TechSoft UK Ltd

What’s in the Package?
The TechSoft F1 in Schools fixture includes a 3mm long reach ball-nosed tool together with fixtures to use with a self-centering vice to machine the car.
TechSoft/Roland RotoCAMM MDX-40AE (inc. TechSoft Inset Pack & Visual Toolpath Software)
Order Code: MP-ROTO-MDX40AE
Self-Centering Vice (inc.TechSoft Inset Pack)
Order Code: RL-ROTO-VICE
Self-Centering Vice & Visual Toolpath (inc. TechSoft Training Pack) (Save £40.00)
TechSoft F1 in Schools Fixture
Order Code: TA-F1
Designs to Inspire and Make
We are often asked for exemplar projects which can be used in schools to inspire students. Obviously, teachers can design and make their own projects, but in the real world of teaching, time pressure often precludes them from actually getting round to it. To help out, TechSoft have put together a range of project ideas for teachers to manufacture on their own.

TechSoft UK Ltd

Whilst the projects themselves are useful as exemplar materials for students, the actual practice of making the projects and studying the designs can act as very useful training and an inspiration to teachers as well!

TechSoft UK Ltd

To access these projects / drawing files simply register for free online.

The free resources area of our website is the place to visit for:

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• Designs to Inspire and Make – Sample Files
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• And lots more to come…

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