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SOLIDWORKS Education Edition - Campus Licence

Subscription Benefits

Installation Guides
Please find our Installation Instruction Guides below:
Home Use for Students and Lecturers
SOLIDWORKS Education Edition - Campus Licence
Student Premium is a time-limited, stand-alone licence for the full SOLIDWORKS Education Edition. Each year a SOLIDWORKS Licence Subscription provides up to 60, 200, 500 or 2000 one year Student Premium licences (activations) for use by students and teachers on their personal laptops / home PCs. The university can distribute the software either by instructing their students to download it free of charge from or by loaning out the master DVDs; or by purchasing extra DVD sets. The SEK-ID and Student Premium Serial Number provided will be required by students.

All students and lecturers must be made aware of the licence restrictions.

The heavily subsidised SOLIDWORKS Education Edition is available to colleges and universities for instructional use; for non-funded undergraduate student research projects as part of their degree; for non-funded graduate student projects with no deliverables; and for internal use curriculum development only. For all other research projects a separate Research Licence must be obtained.
More Info on Research Licences
Curriculum Resources and Online Training
SOLIDWORKS Education Edition - Campus Licence
Comprehensive interactive tutorials are built-in to SOLIDWORKS and these are a great way to get started. These can be accessed through the Welcome Screen by clicking on the Learn tab and then by clicking Tutorials. (If the Welcome Screen does not open automatically, click on the SOLIDWORKS Resources icon (top) and choose Welcome to SOLIDWORKS.) Student Guides and Instructor Guides are also available for download.

Whilst in subscription, Online Training videos are available from MySolidWorks which students can join at:

Up to 60, 200, 500 or 2000 students can have access to all these training videos by entering their Student Premium Serial Number.
Automatic Updates to the Latest Version of SOLIDWORKS Education Edition
The SOLIDWORKS Education Edition is updated annually (normally between June and September), and usually contains significant enhancements and new features.
Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS Video Tutorials
SOLIDWORKS Certification - Giving Your Students The Edge
SOLIDWORKS Education Edition - Campus Licence
Employers will value SOLIDWORKS experience and you will frequently see jobs advertised requiring "Expertise in SOLIDWORKS" or "SOLIDWORKS CSWP qualified". Students wishing to apply for these jobs need to formally show their competence by taking the SOLIDWORKS Certified Examinations.

Included in the subscription is one free entry for up to 60, 200, 500 or 2000 students/lecturers to the CSWA (Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate), CSDA (Certified Sustainable Design Associate), CSWSA-FEA (Certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation Associate – Finite Element Analysis) and CSWP (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional) examinations.

The University or College has to register for the exams and then obtain "vouchers" (effectively PIN codes) for students wishing to enter. Each exam has a three hour time limit and is taken on-line at whatever time or date suits. Examination Tutorials are built into MySolidWorks (see above).

Full details of the examinations and how to enter can be found at:
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Need Assistance?
If you would like to talk to us, please:

Call us: +44(0) 1745 535007
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