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Visual ToolPath

Easy 3D Manufacturing from SOLIDWORKS, etc.

Visual Toolpath
What is Visual ToolPath?
Visual Toolpath is a 3D machining program designed specifically for the educational user. It has been conceived by TechSoft to meet the 3D manufacturing needs of students and teachers.

How does Visual ToolPath work?

Having designed your 3D masterpiece (in 3D CAD such as SOLIDWORKS) you may well want to manufacture it on your router or milling machine. To do this you need to transfer the 3D file from your design software to the Visual Toolpath software. The effective standard for 3D data transfer is the STL file format, so you simply save the file in STL format in your design software and then open it in Visual Toolpath. You then follow a simple wizard to automatically create the tool paths needed to machine the model. It really is as simple as that.

What machines can I output to?
STL models processed in Visual Toolpath can be output directly to all Roland 3D capable miller/routers and the TechSoft RouterCAM.
Visual Toolpath Screenshot
Orientate and Size Model
Once the STL is opened your first task is to orientate the model for machining.

Material Size and Margins
Next you need to set the size of material you will be using to machine your model from, and the margin around the model you wish to machine.

Roughing Toolpath

Finishing Toolpath
Select your tool from the Tool Database and set the toolpath direction before clicking on Calculate to generate the machining toolpaths.

Cut Out Toolpath
Although not usually needed this cut-out option can be very useful if you need to profile cut around an STL model.
Preview Machining

A manufacturing simulation is not only for entertainment, it can be an important part of the manufacturing process. Whilst it is possible to skip this stage if you wish, the simulation can be used to see if “silly” values have been accidentally set for depths of cut, number of passes, etc. It also allows the user to get an impression of the surface finish and the time taken. Tooling values may easily be changed and another simulation run to see the effects of the changes. This is much easier and quicker (and cheaper) than having to remake the item.

Visual Toolpath has a built-in simulation, which shows the tool movement over the model as if it is being machined.

Output Toolpaths
Once you are happy with the machining properties you have created, and have set up the material on the machine, you are ready to output your toolpaths.
How About Multi-Sided Cutting?
Some 3D objects can be machined from just one side (maybe a simple soap dish). However, many objects may need machining from 2 or more sides (maybe a bar of soap). Visual Toolpath supports either 1, 2 or 4 sided machining. This allows the use of TechSoft’s self-centering vice.
Self-Centering Vice
The software has in-built routines to allow the user to quickly and easily set up the software when machining with the self-centering vice. You can also easily add, and then edit, support tabs to a model. These allow it to be machined from multiple sides, whilst still being held in the block of material.

Why Buy Visual Toolpath?
Most 3D manufacturing software is very powerful but is designed for commercial use. It is not always as user friendly as you might like. Too many options and features can make the whole process complicated and confusing. Visual ToolPath has been created specifically for educational users and is designed to be both intuitive and helpful.

Software Information

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11.
Microsoft recommended minimum hardware specification advised.
Minimum screen resolution 1024 x 768.
Network compatible.

In order to avoid software theft, the software is encrypted with the name of the licensed user, typically the name of a person, or the name of an individual establishment.

When ordering please state:
a) Name of licensed user/site (max 28 characters, including spaces).
b) Address for site licence.

Prices (excluding VAT)

TechSoft Visual Toolpath Site Licence
Order Code: VS004
Buy with a Self Centering Vice and save £40.00