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TechSoft Wheeled Stand/Cupboards

High Quality Cupboards, Ideal for Educational Use

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uPrint 3D Printer Wheeled Stand/Cupboard

uPrint 3D Printer Wheeled Stand/Cupboard
The ideal partner for a uPrint 3D Printer which matches our other workstations in height, depth and appearance. This sturdily built unit has been designed specifically to present the printer at a convenient height so that students can see work in progress. The cabinet interior is furnished to store materials and to house all the maintenance and service tools supplied with the machine. Industrial grade locking castors and secure location of the printer feet allow the 3D Printer to be wheeled between rooms when needed.

Multi Purpose Wheeled Stand/Cupboard

Multi Purpose Wheeled Stand/Cupboard
This sturdily built unit has industrial grade locking castors allowing it to be wheeled between rooms when needed. The unit does not include power or cable management, but will match our workstation range as part of a set of flexible resources within a department. The interior has one shelf and two drawers providing ample storage for accessories and materials.

Machine Stands / with Optional Cupboard

Machine Stands / with Optional Cupboard
These robust machine stands are suitable for single machine installation in a permanent workshop layout. Although not portable as such, their modular nature means that changing workshop layouts could be achieved for minimal expense, particularly if the initial provision of power in the room takes these units into account. The machine stands are available with locking underbench cupboards that include a single shelf for storing tools and accessories.

Machine Stands are supplied without machines, but do include an extraction unit where indicated. The machine and any switches provided will need professionally wiring to a suitable isolator. Two configurations are available.

These units will accommodate a bench drill or any other bench-top machine.

See this stands in use with our fretsaws with stands range and our benchtop drills range.

Machine Stand with Extraction

Machine Stand with Extraction
This stand includes an auto-switching extraction unit. This configuration has been created specifically for use with a fretsaw. To see our stand options with fretsaws included, please see our fretsaws page.

Prices (excluding VAT)

uPrint 3D Printer Wheeled Stand/Cupboard
Wheeled Stand/Cupboard for uPrint or HP Designjet 3D Printer (700x800x850mm)
Order Code: TF-WS4-C1
Multi Purpose Wheeled Stand/Cupboard
Multi-Purpose Wheeled Stand/Cupboard (700x800x850mm)
Order Code: TF-WS4-C2
Machine Stand/Machine Stand with Optional Cupboard
Lervad Machine Bench, 600x600x790mm, Solid Bench Top
Order Code: SF-STAND4
Machine Bench, 700 x 600 x 780mm, adjustable height, MPX Top
Order Code: SF-STAND5
Machine Bench, 700 x 600 x 780mm, adjustable height, MPX Top with underbench cupboard containing shelf
Order Code: SF-STAND7
Bott Cubio Workstand 750 x 750 x 840mm. MPX worktop
Order Code: SF-WB15-M1
Machine Stand and Extraction
Please see also our stands with fretsaws included.
TechSoft Fretsaw Workstation 750 x 750 x 840mm. Excluding Fretsaw but complete with auto-switching Mobile Extractor (order fretsaw and footswitch separately)
Order Code: MM-EXTRACT104P1