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Octagonal/Hexagonal/Square Workbenches

Ideal for Educational Use

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Octagonal/Hexagonal/Square Workbenches

Octagonal Workbench SF-WB27-BL
SF-WB27-BL plus 8 Vices
New introductions to this popular range mean that three options are now available: Octagonal, Hexagonal, and traditional Square workbenches. Solid beech tops are fitted to all these benches.
Hexagonal/Square Workbenches
Vices are optional extras - see prices on right
Hexagonal and Octagonal workbenches can offer flexibility and space saving advantages in some workshops, whilst still providing adequate individual space for practical work. The shape of the benches makes them ideal as planning tables for design and group work. Optional cupboards (four per bench) are available for octagonal benches, offset under the bench edge to provide leg-room. The traditional square benches are fitted with levelling feet and reversible well tops are available as well as flush tops.

Hexagonal and Square benches are supported by a fully welded, epoxy powder-coated steel frame - this can be finished in a number of colours, but light grey is supplied as standard.

A range of wood and metalworking vices are available for all benches, including the option to have engineering vices fitted to a tray which can be clamped in the jaws of the woodworking vice. This flexible setup effectively allows a standard woodworking vice to be converted for metalwork as and when required.

Prices (excluding VAT)

Octagonal Workbenches
Octagonal Bench with Steel Frame, 1830mm across x 810mm high, 42mm solid beech top
Order Code: SF-WB28-BL
Octagonal Bench with Undercupboards, 1830mm across x 810mm high, 42mm solid beech top
Order Code: SF-WB27-BL
Hexagonal Workbenches
Hexagonal Bench with Steel Frame, 1600mm across flats x 810mm high, Solid Beech Top
Order Code: SF-WB90-BL
Square Workbenches
Square Bench with Steel Frame, 1220x1220x810mm, 42mm solid beech flush top
Order Code: SF-WB32-BL
Square Bench with Steel Frame. Bench 1220x1220x810mm, 42mm solid beech flush top. Under cupboard 620mm square
Order Code: SF-WB91-BL
Square Bench with Steel Frame, 1220x1220x810mm, 44mm solid beech top with flip over central well.
Order Code: SF-WB32-FL
Top Rails Fitted to Square Benches SF-WB32 or SF-WB91. Required if 4" mechanics vices (MTB-VICE6) or 9" woodworking vices are to be fitted
Order Code: SF-WB32F
Vices for the above workbenches
Record Woodwork Vice 52PD. Heavy Duty Plain Screw. 175mm (7") jaw width, 165mm opening. Fitted to octagonal/hexagonal workbench.
Order Code: MTB-VICE9
Record No. 1 Mechanics Vice, 75mm (3") jaw width, opening 90mm, with laminated tray for fitting to MTB-VICE9
Order Code: MTB-VICE10
Record No. 1 Mechanics Vice, 75mm (3") jaw width, opening 90mm, fitted to octagonal workbench
Order Code: MTB-VICE7
Record No. 3 Mechanics Vice, 100mm (4") jaw width, opening 120mm, fitted to SW workbench. N.B. Top rails SF-WB32F required for fitting to square workbench
Order Code: MTB-VICE6