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Pneumatic Air Compressor

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Pneumatic Air Compressor
The Bambi BB24V Compressor has various accessories to allow you to easily connect to Cantilever workstations and trunking units.
Air Compressor
Pneumatic Air Compressor
A fully-regulated industrial compressor to deliver the required consistent air pressure. The compressor is extremely quiet in operation and can be housed in either the mobile or fixed cupboards listed.
Bambi BB24V Compressor (0.5hp, 50 litres/min, receiver 24 litres, oil lubricated)
Mobile Compressor Cupboard
Pneumatic Air Compressor
Image shows cupboard with compressor (sold seperately)
Mobile compressor cupboard unit for Bambi compressor fitted with castors.
Mobile Compressor Cupboard
Order Code: SF-CB18
Workstation Compressor Cupboard
Pneumatic Air Compressor
Image shows underbench cupboard with workstation and trunking (sold seperately)
Compressor cupboard for Bambi compressor to be fitted underneath Cantilever workstations with trunking units.
Workstation Compressor Cupboard
Order Code: SF-CB18B
Pneumatic Check Unit for Trunking
Pneumatic Check Unit
Panel mounted pneumatic quick release coupling providing a simple and safe connection to a compressed air supply housed within the PECT trunking range. All piped internally using 8mm plastic high pressure pipework with push fittings this is the by far the neatest compressed air system available for any educational workshop environment. Ideal for logic control and small scale automation replication systems.

Safe and easy to operate with no air release once the fitting is disconnected. Supply is only present when the fitting has made connection and is latched in place. Manual ring collar release required to detach fitting once connected.
Pneumatic Check Unit (provides 2 compressed air outlets) for SF-TRUNKMP/MPLV
Order Code: SF-TRUNKOCA1
* Must be ordered with trunking.
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