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Precious Metal Clay

PMC or Precious Metal Clay is a new and unique material

About Precious Metal Clay
Precious Metal Clay
Metal Clay is a new and unique material suitable for both GCSE and A Level Design & Technology, and Art courses.

Precious Metal Clay - Silver
Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a modern material and already revolutionising what jewellers and designers can create in solid silver without the need for casting equipment. Despite its name, Precious Metal Clay is not ‘clay’ at all, but a paste made from fine ground particles of pure silver, organic binder and water. It works like traditional clay so can be moulded and sculpted in the usual way, or reduced with water into a ‘slip’ consistency for joining PMC pieces together, or filling small cracks.

The ‘magic’ happens when the design is fired. The water evaporates and the organic binder burns away leaving a 99% pure solid silver piece. As such, it can be hallmarked as Fine Silver and (if needs be) can be silver-soldered. Care needs to be taken with any heat process like this, but the materials themselves are non-toxic.

For small projects, firing can be done with a torch and only takes a couple of minutes. Larger pieces should be kiln fired for even heating.

TechSoft are delighted to offer not only the PMC3 silver clay, but also the new PMC Flex silver clay which has an even longer working time in its ‘clay’ state – ideal for student work. Both types can be fired with either a torch or a kiln.

Once fired PMC appears white (the natural colour for silver) and must be polished. A stainless-steel brush will achieve a fine matt finish which can then be worked into a high lustre using a burnisher or polishing mop. Even easier is to polish by tumbling in a barrel polisher/tumbler with water, a little soap and some stainless steel shot. This technique has the added advantage of work-hardening the silver to strengthen it – important for delicate items such as rings.

Creative Metal Clay – Bronze and Copper
Creative Metal Clay (CMC) is similar to PMC but contains bronze or copper instead of silver. As such, it is a cheaper alternative – ideal for school use where budgets may be tight.
Precious Metal Clay In Education
Use in Education
TechSoft are always looking for new and innovative products to help students get even more benefit from our CAD/CAM resources. These metal clays provide an excellent opportunity for creating ‘clever’ projects of high-value using laser-cut or milled 2D moulds. 3D moulds can be created using even our smallest CNC milling machine and softer materials such as modelling wax makes an ideal mould-material. Projects are likely to be small so costs can be controlled and throughput can be manageable for individual or groups of students. By using CAD/CAM for mould making, designs can be thoroughly checked in CAD and any number of moulds can be made using small amounts of cheaper material before committing to the metal clay. Metal clay is an excellent material for free-hand modelling but the use of moulds allows for tighter control and limits the chance for wastage.

Precious Metal Clay

The chosen design is created in 2D Design, SolidWorks or taken from a 3D scanned image. Any TechSoft/Roland CNC mill is then used to produce a mould or pattern. In this case a pattern is being milled from machining wax.

Precious Metal Clay

A flexible mould is produced from the pattern by hand-forming moulding compound around it. The compound sets quickly making for uninterrupted progress.

Precious Metal Clay

PMC3 is pressed into the mould, allowed to dry, carefully removed, and then thoroughly dried in a warm place before torch or kiln firing. This model has simply been brush-finished and awaits burnishing and polishing.
Starter Kits
Basic Starter Kit
Precious Metal Clay Basic Starter Kit
Precious Metal Clay Starter Kit containing a PMC Beginners Tools Set, Blow Torch and 5.6g PMC3 Silver Clay Tool set Tool set contains 10 needle files, brass brush, spatula, plastic workmat, rubber block, soldering block (150 x 100 x 25mm), 2 reusable moulding compound blocks, 2 pairs of height strips, drying mesh and 2 sponge pads
Super Starter Kit
Precious Metal Clay Super Starter Kit
Precious Metal Clay Super Starter Kit inc. 1 x PMC3 9g, 1 x Badger Balm (release agent), 1 x Tweezers, 2 x 1.5mm Spacers, 1 x Roller, 1 x Clayshaper, 1 x Paintbrush, 1 x Workmat with PMC Sandpaper, 1 x Rubber Block, 1 x Stainless Steel Brush, 1 x Torch, 1 x Torch Block, 1 x Metal Burnisher, 1 x Circle Cutter, 2 x Jumps Rings, 1 x Necklace Cord, 1 x Mini Texture Mat, 3 x Fire Proof Gemstones, Instructions
Fossil Making Kit (Class Set)
Fossil Making Kit (Class Set)
Fossil Making Kit (Class Set) inc. 10 x PMC3 7g packs, 2 x stainless steel brushes for polishing, 10 x workmats, butane gas torch, torch firing block, olive oil spray, 4 x paintbrushes, 2 x clay shapers, fine sandpaper, large mould compound, rubber black, real fossils
Order Code: PMC-KITF
Support Materials
Moulding Compound 100g (2 x 50g)
Order Code: PMC-MC-100
Moulding Compound (2 x 150g)
Order Code: PMC-MC-300
Badger Balm - Natural Scent (0.75oz)
Bronze Clay
Bronze Clay (50g)
Order Code: PMC-CLB-50
Bronze Clay (100g)
Order Code: PMC-CLB-100
Bronze Clay Syringe
Order Code: PMC-SYRINB10
Silver Clay
PMC Flex - NEW, Ideal for schools with its longer working time
Silver Clay, PMC Flex 5g silver
Order Code: PMC-CLF-5
Silver Clay, PMC Flex 15g silver
Order Code: PMC-CLF-15
Silver Clay, PMC Flex 50g silver
Order Code: PMC-CLF-60
PMC3 (6.3g)
Order Code: PMC-CL3-6
PMC3 (16g)
Order Code: PMC-CL3-16
PMC3 (50g)
Order Code: PMC-CL3-50
PMC3 Paste
Order Code: PMC-PASTE
Evenheat Set Pro Kiln
Evenheat Set Pro Kiln
* Evenheat Set Pro Kiln no longer available, however accessories are still available.
Shelf for Evenheat Pro-Set Kiln
Pk of 4 Kiln Post - Ceramic (For Evenheat ProSet Kiln)
Kiln Tongs
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