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Light Boxes

Wafer LED Light Panels
Wafer Light Box
At only 1cm thick, this ultra portable Wafer light panel combines style with practical features. The Wafer Light Panel is the latest generation of lightweight ultra slim side-lit light boxes using fully dimmable LED technology.

Providing an even spread of light with low heat emission, the Wafer light box is ideal for tracing, sketching, stencilling, calligraphy, scrap booking, embossing, embroidery, sewing and much more. The Wafer Light Panel is supplied with a mains adapter.

The Wafer Light Panel offers around 60% the brightness of the BeamBox. The Wafer is a side-lit light box and as such does not benefit from the light intensity levels and consistency of light distribution that you find on the BeamBox Light Box range.

The features include:
✓ Super thin 1cm
✓ Brightness Control
✓ Portable
Wafer LED Light Panel A4
Order Code: AR-LIGHTBOX23
Wafer LED Light Panel A3
Order Code: AR-LIGHTBOX18
Model:Wafer Range
LED Colour:5500K
Screen Type:A4: Acrylic
A3: Acrylic
Dimensions:A4: 360(W) x 270(D) x 8(H)mm
A3: 480(W) x 360(D) x 10(H)mm
Weight:A4: 0.92kg
A3: 1.64kg
Power Supply:24V
Beam-Box LED Light Boxes
Beam-Box Light Box
The Beam-Box light box is used in all areas of industry and design. With an elegant, modern and practical design, this backlit lightbox is available in almost any size and allows you to work on a super bright, seamlessly illuminated work surface.

With an incredible 50,000 hour lifespan, the Beam-Box really is designed to last.

For graphic designers, a Beam Box is the perfect place to both develop and finalise your ideas. It has a pure white light output powerful enough to let you trace through up to 400 gsm card.

The features include:
✓ Rear-Lit LED
✓ Brightness Control
✓ A0 - A4 sizes
✓ Low Energy
✓ 5500K Pure White
Beam-Box LED Light Box A4
Order Code: AR-LIGHTBOX20
Beam-Box LED Light Box A3
Order Code: AR-LIGHTBOX17
Beam-Box LED Light Box A2
Order Code: AR-LIGHTBOX19
Beam-Box LED Light Box A1
Order Code: AR-LIGHTBOX21
Beam-Box LED Light Box A0
Order Code: AR-LIGHTBOX22
Model:Beam-Box Range
LED Colour:5500K, 2500 lumens
Screen Type:A4: Acrylic
A3: Acrylic
A2: Acrylic
A1: Acrylic
A0: Glass
Dimensions:A4: 330(W) x 230(D) x 63(H)mm
A3: 440(W) x 330(D) x 63(H)mm
A2: 620(W) x 440(D) x 63(H)mm
A1: 860(W) x 620(D) x 63(H)mm
A0: 1220(W) x 860(D) x 63(H)mm
Power Supply:24V