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Roland EGX-350E

Milling/Engraving Machine, Ideal for PCB Production

Direct 2D Design Control
Roland Miller/Routers are the only milling/routing machines to be DIRECTLY CONTROLLED from 2D Design V2

Roland EGX-350E

Roland EGX-350E
The EGX-350E is primarily for use as an engraving machine but, with 37mm of usable Z-axis to play with, it is still an excellent 3D capable machine albeit for shallower models. The generous bed size, fast axis travel and 50W spindle motor all make it a serious contender as a main CNC milling resource.
Model: Roland EGX-350E
Axis Travel: 305 x 230 x 40mm
Max. Machinable: 305 x 230 x 37mm
Maximum Feed Rate (X,Y): 60mm/sec
Maximum Feed Rate (Z): 30mm/sec
Spindle Speed Range: 5000 to 20000rpm
Resolution: 0.01mm
Interface: USB
Weight: 34kg
Dimensions: 616(W) x 591(D) x 393(H)mm

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What is an EGX-350E?
The EGX-350E has been developed by Roland primarily for use as an engraving machine but, with 37mm of usable Z-axis to play with, it is still an excellent 3D capable machine albeit for shallower models. The generous bed size, fast axis travel and 50W spindle motor all make it a serious contender as a main CNC milling resource. Build quality is superb (as you would expect from Roland) and the machine is quiet enough to run in a workshop or studio environment. The entire machining envelope is enclosed by a robust, interlocked case so safety is assured and dust and debris will be largely contained. Operation for 2D work is simple and output is direct from 2D Design V2 with a familiar, simple dialogue to set up tool depths, feeds and speeds. Machine control is via a remote Handy Panel but, apart from switching the machine on to start with, most of the control will be via software through the output dialog box so the Handy Panel will see little use until you start to do 3D work. Top loading tools and the unique TechSoft collet system make tool setting very easy, accurate and reliable. If your main priority is for 2D and 2.5D modelling in light material and PCB production (in particular) then this may well be all the machine you will ever need – more power and bigger capacity is simply not needed for this sort of work.

Unique to this machine is an Active Surface Tracking system (effectively a floating-head arrangement) to maintain consistent cutting depth even on bowed or curved surfaces. If the machine’s sacrificial bed is kept skimmed and flat, then this feature is unlikely to be a big advantage, but if you do need to engrave an uneven surface then Active Tracking could well get you out of a tight spot.

Because the machine was developed as an engraving tool it does not come with 3D software so you will need to buy Visual Toolpath. With this added, you will have a versatile and competent machine at surprisingly low cost.
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Prices (excluding VAT)

Products Price Buy
Roland EGX-350E
(includes TechSoft Inset Pack)
Order Code: MP-ENG-EGX350E
EGX-350E Workstation Package
Includes Machine, TechSoft Inset Pack, TechSoft Workstation inc. auto-switched extractor, underbench storage, in-built sockets & Gratnell Trays.
Order Code: MP7-ENG-EGX350E
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TechSoft Mobile Workstation for Milling 1400x800x850mm (c/w underbench cupboards containing in-built sockets, auto-switched extractor with manual override, Gratnell trays and storage space for computer)
Order Code: TF-WS3-C1
Numatic Standard Extractor, Single Motor
(Included in TechSoft Workstation TF-WS1-C1)
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Mixed Tool Pack (General set of tools) (Save £5)
(TA-UC-1164, TA-ECT4-40, TA-SD4-2, TA-SD4-4, TA-BN4-2)
Order Code: TP-MIX-350E
PCB Tool Pack (Specialist PCB tools) (Save £5)
(TA-UC-1164, TA-ECT4-40, TA-SD4-2, TA-PD4-0.8, TA-PD4-1)
Order Code: TP-PCB-350E
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Mixed Pre-Cut Materials Pack (Save £10)
Order Code: TPM-EGX350
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What's Included

Free Education Training Pack worth £270
Training Pack

The Training Pack gives you everything you need to get the machine out of the box and earning its keep in the shortest time possible. We have distilled key information into a series of tutorials that will guide you through setting-up, and then a series of projects that illustrate the full potential of the machine for simple 2D profiling, PCB isolation engraving and 3D profiling. Each pack contains a project CD, a booklet to guide you and a selection of tools, collets and materials. This includes TechSoft’s own tooling and collet system to make tool set-up and tool changing a breeze. Completing the Training Pack is not onerous; it will provide a sample set of project ideas - some of which are shown below - and the confidence to develop your own ideas.

Bookmark Sample PCB Sample Forex Box Sample Engraved Key Fob
Includes Tools and Accessories worth £209:

Slot Drill (TA-SD4-2); Ball Nosed Cutter (TA-BN4-2); Engraving Tool (TA-ECT4-40); VCarving Tool (TA-VCHS4E-90); Lower Collet (TA-LC-TS30); Extraction Attachment (TA-EGX-EXTRING, TMC-ROTOVAC-HOSEADAPTOR); Upper Collets (2 x TC-UC-1164); Hex Tool (TA-HEXTOOL20); Sacrificial Bed (TC-CAMM2-BED); Lower Bed (TC-EGXACR-BED, TC-EGXMDF-BED); USB Cable (CB031); Tape (TA-TAPE)

UK Mainland: 1 Year On-Site
Elsewhere: 1 Year Return and Collect