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Bed Strips

After a lot of use, the plastic strip below where the blade runs can become scored giving inconsistent results. These replacement bed strips are simple to fit and can transform the performance of a well-used machine.

Products Price Buy
Bed Strip for SV-8 / SX-8
Order Code: RLP-BED-SV8
Bed Strip for SV-12 / SX-12
Order Code: RLP-BED-SV12
Bed Strip for SV-15 / SX-15
Order Code: RLP-BED-SV15
Bed Strip for GS-24
Order Code: RLP-BED-GS24
Bed Strip for GR-420
Order Code: RLP-BED-GR420
Bed Strip for GR-540
Order Code: RLP-BED-GR540
Bed Strip for GR-640
Order Code: RLP-BED-GR640
Bed Strip for GX-24
Order Code: RLP-BED-GX24
Bed Strip for GX-300
Order Code: RLP-BED-GX300
Bed Strip for GX-500
Order Code: RLP-BED-GX500
Bed Strip for BN-20
Order Code: RLP-BED-BN20
Bed Strip for SG-300
Order Code: RLP-BED-SG300
Bed Strip for SG-540
Order Code: RLP-BED-SG540
Bed Strip for VG-540
Order Code: RLP-BED-VG540
Bed Strip for VG-640
Order Code: RLP-BED-VG640
Bed Strip for SP300
Order Code: RLP-BED-SP300
Bed Strip for SP540 / CX500 / CM500
Order Code: RLP-BED-SP540
Bed Strip for VS300 / VP300
Order Code: RLP-BED-VS300
Bed Strip for VS540 / VP540
Order Code: RLP-BED-VS540
Bed Strip for STX7
Order Code: RLP-BED-STX7
Bed Strip for STX8
Order Code: RLP-BED-STX8
Bed Strip for CX12 / CM12
Order Code: RLP-BED-CX12
Bed Strip for CX24 / CM24 / PC50 / PC60 / PNC5000
Order Code: RLP-BED-CX24
Bed Strip for CX300 / CM300 / PC600
Order Code: RLP-BED-CX300
Bed Strip for Craft ROBO/Silhouette
Order Code: GA-CR1-003
Bed Strip for Craft ROBO Pro
Order Code: GA-CR2-003