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Precious Metal Clay

PMC or Precious Metal Clay is a new and unique material

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  Creative Metal Clay Kiln

Creative Metal Clay Kiln The Creative Metal Clay Kiln is a multi-functional kiln suitable for firing copper, bronze, silver and gold metal clay as well as small items of ceramics. It can also be used for enamelling, glass fusing, slumping and annealing glass.

Comes complete with a kiln shelf (no kiln posts or kiln pillow included).

Power: 700W
Chamber Dimensions: 115(W) x 130(D) x 70(H)mm
External Dimensions: 225(W) x 220(D) x 280(H)mm
Weight: 7Kg
Power Requirements: 220V, 13A Socket
Warranty: 1 Year Return to Base (UK Mainland & Ireland)
1 Year Return and Collect (Elsewhere)

  Starter Kits

Basic Starter Kit Super Starter Kit

Precious Metal Clay                     Precious Metal Clay
   Basic Starter Kit                         Super Starter Kit

Basic Starter Kit Super Starter Kit

                                                     Fossil Making Kit                     Jewellery Making Kit
      (Class Set)                                (Class Set)

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Suitable for both GCSE and A Level Design & Technology, and Art courses.
Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a modern material and already revolutionising what jewellers and designers can create in solid silver without the need for casting equipment. Despite its name, Precious Metal Clay is not ‘clay’ at all, but a paste made from fine ground particles of pure silver, organic binder and water. It works like traditional clay so can be moulded and sculpted in the usual way, or reduced with water into a ‘slip’ consistency for joining PMC pieces together, or filling small cracks.

The ‘magic’ happens when the design is fired. The water evaporates and the organic binder burns away leaving a 99% pure solid silver piece. As such, it can be hallmarked as Fine Silver and (if needs be) can be silver-soldered. Care needs to be taken with any heat process like this, but the materials themselves are non-toxic.

For small projects firing can be done with a torch and only takes a couple of minutes. It is important to fire PMC evenly so for larger pieces the Kingpin 88 kiln provides an ideal solution. The kiln is pre-programmed to give just the right heat and time cycle and is essential for firing complex pieces, hollow forms, and designs that include other materials such as ceramic, glass or other metals. The kiln can also be used for enamelling, glass fusing and slumping.

TechSoft are delighted to offer PMC3 - the latest generation and far and away the market leader for this remarkable new technology. PMC3 has much reduced shrinkage on firing than its predecessors, has improved strength and durability in the finished piece, and has longer working time in its ‘clay’ state – ideal for student work. It is also the most versatile grade for firing with either torch or kiln.

Once fired PMC appears white (the natural colour for silver) and must be polished. A stainless-steel brush will achieve a fine matt finish which can then be worked into a high lustre using a burnisher or polishing mop. Even easier is to polish by tumbling in a barrel polisher/tumbler with water, a little soap and some stainless steel shot. This technique has the added advantage of work-hardening the silver to strengthen it – important for delicate items such as rings.

TechSoft are always looking for new and innovative products to help students get even more benefit from our CAD/CAM resources. PMC provides an excellent opportunity for creating ‘clever’ projects of high-value using laser-cut or milled 2D moulds. 3D moulds can be created using even our smallest Modela machine and softer materials such as modelling wax makes an ideal mould-material. Projects are likely to be small so costs can be controlled and throughput can be manageable for individual or groups of students. PMC is an expensive material for any school or college not used to working in precious metal. By using CAD/CAM for mould making, designs can be thoroughly checked in CAD and any number of moulds can be made using small amounts of cheaper material before committing to PMC. PMC is an excellent material for free-hand modelling but the use of moulds allows for tighter control and limits the chance for wastage.

The chosen design is created in 2D Design, SolidWorks or taken from a 3D scanned image. Any TechSoft/Roland CNC mill is then used to produce a mould or pattern. In this case a pattern is being milled from machining wax.

A flexible mould is produced from the pattern by hand-forming moulding compound around it. The compound sets quickly making for uninterrupted progress.

PMC3 is pressed into the mould, allowed to dry, carefully removed, and then thoroughly dried in a warm place before torch or kiln firing. This model has simply been brush-finished and awaits burnishing and polishing.
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Prices (excluding VAT)

Starter Kits
Products Price Buy
Precious Metal Clay Basic Starter Kit inc. 1 x PMC3 6.3g, 1 x Badger Balm (release agent), 1 x Paintbrush, 1 x PMC Workmat with sizing scales, 1 x Telfon sheet, 1 x Bits & Bobs Mould H1, 1 x Sandpaper, 1 x Basic Hand Drill, 2 x Jump Rings, 1 x Nexklace cord, 1 x Kiln firing voucher, Instructions
Precious Metal Clay Super Starter Kit inc. 1 x PMC3 9g, 1 x Badger Balm (release agent), 1 x Tweezers, 2 x 1.5mm Spacers, 1 x Roller, 1 x Clayshaper, 1 x Paintbrush, 1 x Workmat with PMC Sandpaper, 1 x Rubber Block, 1 x Stainless Steel Brush, 1 x Torch, 1 x Torch Block, 1 x Metal Burnisher, 1 x Circle Cutter, 2 x Jumps Rings, 1 x Necklace Cord, 1 x Mini Texture Mat, 3 x Fire Proof Gemstones, Instructions
Jewellery Making Kit (Class Set) inc. 10 x PMC3 6.3g packs, 2 x stainless steel brushes for polishing, 10 x workmats, butane gas torch, torch firing block, olive oil spray, 4 x paintbrushes, 2 x clay shapers, fine sandpaper, hand drill, cord for stringing, selection of bead and jump rings
Order Code: PMC-KITJ
Fossil Making Kit (Class Set) inc. 10 x PMC3 7g packs, 2 x stainless steel brushes for polishing, 10 x workmats, butane gas torch, torch firing block, olive oil spray, 4 x paintbrushes, 2 x clay shapers, fine sandpaper, large mould compound, rubber black, real fossils
Order Code: PMC-KITF
Handprint Equipment
Products Price Buy
Complete Handprinting Kit for Schools (inc. Creative Metal Clay Kiln, Kiln shelf, 200g Creative Copper Clay, 5 Inkless Wipes, 10 Handprinting Sheets, 1 Pack of Photopolymer Brush, Olive Oil Dispenser, Roller and Spacer Set, 5 Work Mats, Photopolymer Exposing Light Safety Cutter, Kiln Pillow, Picklean Firescale Removal Granules, 2 Brass Brushes, Straws and Instructions. (You will also need olive oil, acetate, scanner and computer with design software - 2D Design V2 is ideal.)
Order Code: PMC-KITH
Hand and Foot Printing Kit (inc. inkless wipe and 2 handprinting sheets - refill for PMC-KITH)
Order Code: PMC-KITHF1
Photopolymer Kit exc. Lamp (Contains 2 photopolymer plates each 100 x 80mm, backing board, foam and glass, soft scrubbing brush and full instructions.)
Photopolymer Kit with Lamp (Contains 2 photopolymer plates each 100 x 80mm, backing board, foam and glass, soft scrubbing brush and full instructions.)
Photopolymer Refill (2 of 100 x 80mm plates)
Products Price Buy
Creative Metal Clay Kiln (includes shelf)
Order Code: PMC-KILN2
Kiln Pillow for Creative Metal Clay Kiln
Bronze Clay
Products Price Buy
Bronze Clay (50g)
Order Code: PMC-CLB-50
Bronze Clay (100g)
Order Code: PMC-CLB-100
Bronze Clay (200g)
Order Code: PMC-CLB-200
Bronze Clay Syringe
Order Code: PMC-SYRINB10
Creative Copper Clay
Products Price Buy
Creative Copper Clay (50g)
Order Code: PMC-CLC-50
Creative Copper Clay (100g)
Order Code: PMC-CLC-100
Creative Copper Clay (200g)
Order Code: PMC-CLC-200
Creative Copper Clay Syringe 10g
Order Code: PMC-SYRINC10
Silver Clay
Products Price Buy
PMC3 (6.3g)
Order Code: PMC-CL3-6
PMC3 (9g)
Order Code: PMC-CL3-9
PMC3 (16g)
Order Code: PMC-CL3-16
PMC3 (25g)
Order Code: PMC-CL3-25
PMC3 (50g)
Order Code: PMC-CL3-50
PMC3 Paste
Order Code: PMC-PASTE
Other Materials
Products Price Buy
Moulding Compound 100g (2 x 50g)
Order Code: PMC-MC-100
Moulding Compound (2 x 150g)
Order Code: PMC-MC-300
Badger Balm - Natural Scent (0.75oz)
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