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3D Printing Materials

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Stratasys uPrint SE

Model Material
Model MaterialSpools and cassettes are not interchangeable so it is essential to select the right material for your machine. Material is supplied in sealed bags. ABS will absorb moisture from the atmosphere so always re-seal bags if part-used spools are to be stored. It is worth noting the quantity of material being ordered and the cost. Catalyst software predicts the amount of material needed so this figure can be used to determine individual part costs.
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Ivory Model Spool (688cc) for uPrint SE & uPrint SE Plus
Order Code: TMP-USEPM-IV
5 Ivory ABS spools (688cc each) for uPrint SE & uPrint SE Plus. Save £25
Order Code: TMP-USEPM-IV5
Support Material
Spools and cassettes are not interchangeable, BST support must not be used in SST machines and vice versa, so carefully check your machine model when ordering. Most parts will use less support material than model material, but the proportion will vary depending on the model and the chosen build-strategy. One support spool for every three/four model spools should be about right.
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Soluble Support Spool (688cc) for uPrint SE and uPrint SE Plus
Order Code: TMP-USEM-SUP
5 Soluble Support Spools (688cc) for uPrint SE and uPrint SE Plus. Save £25.
Order Code: TMP-USEM-SUP5
Model Bases
Models are created by building up from one of these disposable, slot-in bases. A new base should be used for every build to ensure the model has a firm grip and can’t move, curl or part-company with the base during the build. For economy, it is possible to position smaller parts to use a clean area of an already-used model base. Re-using bases is not recommended and can be a false economy. If a model does ‘lift’ then the build will almost certainly be lost.
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24 Plastic Bases for uPrint or uPrint SE (203 x 152mm)
Order Code: TMP-UPR-BASE24