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3D Printing Materials

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CEL Robox Materials

See also our CEL Robox Accessories page.

The SmartReel System enables fully automatic material recognition and means that there is no need to set parameters manually before each print. All the materials below are loaded onto a SmartReel, pre-programmed and ready for use. Each full reel contains approximately 0.7kg material (240m approx), 1.75mm diameter.
SmartReel PETG Materials (Recommended)
PETG is a premium filament that produces high-strength, high-quality parts with great thermal stability and adhesion, avoiding the moisture absorption problems common with PLA. This material is Biphenyl A free, RoHS certified, REACH compliant and FDA-approved foodsafe. PETG is the recommended general purpose material for your Robox 3D printer.
TechSoft UK Ltd
Robox Reel of 1.75mm PETG Filament (0.7Kg, 240m). Available in Black, Bronze, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Red, Silver or White
Robox Half Reel of 1.75mm Transparent PETG (0.35Kg, 120m). Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red or Yellow
Robox Half Reel of 1.75mm Fluorescent PETG Filament (0.35Kg, 120m). Available in Clear, Orange or Yellow
SmartReel PLA Materials
An extensive choice of materials is available in the PLA SmartReel range. Choose between 11 different colours including clear.
TechSoft UK Ltd
Robox Reel of PLA Filament
SmartReel Special Materials

Woody Beech PLA contains no wood but imitates natural wood perfectly. The material is 35-40% lighter than ordinary PLA and is perfect for printing any number of 'wooden' structures from dolls houses to garden ornaments, chess sets, pen pots, etc.

ThermoChrome PLA filament prints just like normal PLA but has an additive which enables a colour-changing feature. When the material is cold it is dark grey, but as it warms it changes colour to light grey - perfect when printing wearable items such as necklaces and wrist straps, bath thermometers, children's toys, etc.

Robox Half Reel of 1.75mm Woody Beech PLA Filament (0.35Kg, 120m). Mimics wood aesthetically but contains no actual wood fibre
Robox Reel of 1.75mm ThermoChrome PLA Filament (0.7Kg, 240m). Transforms from dark grey to light grey when warmed up above 30°C
Order Code: TMP-RBXMS-TC2
SmartReel ABS Materials
This material is an industrial-grade ABS-type material, uniquely modified for 3D printing. With excellent mechanical properties, very little warping, above average impact resistance and excellent thermal stability it is a very easy to print material. ABS is an ideal material for engineering parts and prototypes where remarkable accuracy and detail are key.
TechSoft UK Ltd
Robox Reel of 1.75mm ABS Filament (0.7kg, 240m). Available in Black, Dark Blue, Grey, Green, Natural, Orange, Red, Silver or White
Robox Reel of 1.75mm ABS Filament (0.7kg, 240m)
Last Few Remaining in these Colours! Get them while stocks last!
SmartReel Nylon Materials
Nylon is a stronger and more durable alternative to ABS and PLA. With very high inter-layer adhesion, nylon lends itself well to things like living hinges and other flexible parts. Its high melting temperature and low friction coefficient make Nylon an excellent choice for working prototypes and end use parts. Nylon parts typically don’t scratch or break and you will obtain a smooth surface finish straight from the printer.
Robox Half Reel of 1.75mm Nylon Natural Filament (0.35kg, 120m)
Order Code: TMP-RBXMN-NT
SmartReel Flexible Materials
This highly flexible (and virtually unbreakable) material prints with minimal effort on any RoboxDual or RoboxPro. This opens up endless new possibilities for 3D printed projects, such as clothing, shoes, wearables and prosthetics. N.B. Loading is made easier using a short piece of Bowden tube fitted into the feed tube.
Robox Half Reel of 1.75mm Flexible Filament (0.35kg, 120m). Available in Black or White
Short Section of Bowden Tube which can be used to help with loading flexible filament into any Robox 3D Printer. Length 140mm approx.
Order Code: TMP-RBX-BT1
SmartReel Enhanced Materials
3D Printing Materials - CEL Robox - Materials

PETG CarbonFill* is an extremely stiff, zero-warp filament reinforced with 20% carbon fibre. CarbonFill is ideal for printing models and prototypes that need to be dimensionally stable, light in weight and with a uniquely matte, high quality surface. The material would typically be used to create RC parts, automotive and aerodynamic parts such as drones.

Fiberforce NYLFORCE Carbon* is composed of a tough nylon reinforced with 20% carbon fibres. The material is perfect for precise and stable prints of parts that need to withstand high temperatures, strains and impacts. NYLFORCE Carbon is ideally suited to the production of high-performance prototypes and end-use parts that stand up to rigorous testing and wear and tear. The material meets the demanding needs of the production environment, allowing the replacement of metal tooling for applications such as forming and end-of-arm tooling.”

Fiberforce NYLFORCE Glass* is composed of a tough nylon reinforced with 15% glass fibres. Glass fibres provide a reflective sparkle within the printed object while enabling precise, structurally strong prints. NYLFORCE Glass is a great choice for functional parts and structural models, maintaining the toughness and layer bonding of nylon with the increased stiffness and reduced warpage from the addition of the glass fibre. Uniquely, models and parts printed with NYLFORCE Glass can be dyed with clothing dye (e.g. RIT dye) for any colour.

Robox Reel of PETG CarbonFill (0.7Kg, 240m)
Robox Reel of Nylon NYLFORCE Carbon (0.7Kg, 240m)
Order Code: TMP-RBXMN-CF
Robox Reel of Nylon NYLFORCE Glass (0.7Kg, 240m)
Order Code: TMP-RBXMN-GF

* IMPORTANT! - Carbon and glass fibres are abrasive and will result in fast wear of regular nozzles – they must be used in conjunction with the SingleX™ Experimental head (TMP-RBX-MH3). You will invalidate your warranty on any other head used with this filament.
SmartReel HIPS Materials
HIPS is an impact-resistant plastic which can be used as a support material. It dissolves in Limonene which is produced from a renewable source (citrus oil, as a byproduct of orange juice manufacture). HIPS would normally be used with the dual material kit for soluble support removal.
TechSoft UK Ltd
Robox Reel of Natural HIPS
Order Code: TMP-RBXMS-NH
Breakaway Support Materials
This material is specifically designed as a support material used for Dual Material printing. It de-laminates easily yet is capable of layering well during a print, making it perfect as a support structure for a range of materials.
Robox Half Reel of 1.75mm Breakaway Support Filament (0.35kg, 120m)
Water-Soluble Support Material

PVOH filament was designed specifically for use with dual material printing with ABS or flexible (TPU) materials. Dissolvable in lukewarm water, using this filament is an easy way to create models and prototypes with overhang, without having to break away the support material or use solvents to remove it once printed.

Robox Half Reel of 1.75mm PVOH Water-Soluble Support Filament (0.35kg, 120m)