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Design & Planning

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Design and Planning
Furniture and machinery requires floor or bench space, sometimes space for moving parts and (crucially) a safe working area (SWA) for the operator. Many of these details are the subject of statutory guidance. After initial consultation meetings, TechSoft will prepare outline layouts and machine specifications to meet the agreed design objective.

Due regard will be taken of statutory regulations and particularly DfES Building Bulletin 81. Initial layouts will highlight where additional services are required, and further drawings and specifications will be prepared for M&E contractors if appropriate. Where services are fixed, layouts will be created to optimise work space and minimise costs. After further consultation (and amendment if needed) we will prepare agreed layout drawings for all parties.

CAD Drawings
TechSoft have ready-prepared CAD drawings showing the ‘footprint’ and SWA (safe working area) for all items on this website where these dimensions are critical. FF&E contractors, design managers and consultants preparing room layouts themselves will find these an invaluable tool. A CD containing all the drawings in DXF, DWG and DTD (2D Design) format is available from TechSoft on request.

CAD Drawing
Overlap Overlap of Space
These areas can be overlapped and shared between items of the same type (ie., machines or furniture). N.B. All dimensions are in mm.
Clear  Clear Working Space
These areas should be kept clear at all times. The exception to this rule is Prep room machines where clear working spaces can overlap (based on the assumption that only one machine will be operated at a time). 
Mechanical & Electrical Specifications
Where appropriate, TechSoft will supply full specification sheets for all machines under consideration. These sheets contain technical specifications for calculating electrical loadings and determining any additional services required.

An installation drawing is also included and, for ease of reference, this shows key electrical specifications and the detail of specific M&E provision needed.