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Innovative, Creative, 3D V-Carving Software
What is VCarve?

VCarve is an innovative piece of software which allows you to get a whole lot more from your CNC miller/router. It allows you to create an exciting 3D carving from a simple 2D image. The software has a range of drawing tools of its own and can import various vector formats. However, most users will probably start with a drawing created in 2D Design. (Using 2D Design V2 most clip art and even scans can be converted for use.) From the drawing, the VCarve software automatically generates a tool path to “V-carve” the image.

What is V-Carving?

V-Carving produces a constantly varying and flowing 3D carved effect on the job, which is similar to how a craftsman would carve by hand. Imagine a stone mason cutting letters into a piece of marble, starting at a sharp corner, pushing the chisel deeper where a font stroke gets wider and pulling the tool out to form precise, sharp corners. V-Carving allows a V shaped routing or engraving tool to cut at varying depths to create a manually carved effect. Whilst very sophisticated, VCarve is user friendly, and has a short learning curve.

VCarve Screenshot
What Can You Do with VCarve in Schools?

From VCarve, designs can be manufactured extremely quickly and give a really interesting 3D effect. VCarve designs can be added to both hand made products as well as being combined with CAD/CAM (see below for a range of possible uses).

Wood Carving
Moulds for Casting

V-Carve the negative parts of the design in jelutong or modelling wax, to create a mould. Cast stunning jewellery pieces, badges or plaques in pewter or resin.

Decorative Inserts in Furniture

V-Carve designs into wooden furniture to create decorative panels or to add that extra special finishing touch.

Logos or Motifs on CAD/CAM Products

Take your standard key fob project and inject a wow factor by quickly V-Carving a design into the plastic.


Use VCarve to create 3D relief signs. Use the texture toolpath to create an even more interesting hand carved finish.

What Machines Can I Use VCarve With?

VCarve outputs directly to all Roland 3D capable miller/routers and the TechSoft RouterCAM range.

Software Information

Site Licence
A Site Licence allows a school/college to install the software on any number of computers on the school site.

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7.
Microsoft recommended minimum hardware specification advised.
Network compatible.

In order to avoid software theft, the software is encrypted with the name of the licensed user, typically the name of a person, or the name of an individual establishment.

When ordering please state:
a) Name of licensed user/site (max 28 characters, including
b) Address for site license if appropriate.

Prices £ excluding VAT

VS001 TechSoft VCarve Site Licence 195.00 buy
VS003 TechSoft VCarve & PhotoVCarve Site Licences (Save £95) 295.00 buy
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