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Brother Embroidery Software

User Friendly, Computerised Embroidery Software
Creating the Design
Both PE Design Plus and PE Design Next have libraries of ready-to-embroider borders, motifs and font types that can be combined to produce ‘custom’ designs for output to any Brother machine. 2D Design drawings in bitmap format, most types of clip art, a scanned image or even a photograph can be added to this mix so – one way or the other - just about anything is possible.

Converting To Stitches
PE Design Plus and PE Design Next both analyse the image and convert it into blocks of colour. You can change how many blocks are used, which blocks to omit, and the conversion sensitivity.

Each colour block used will be embroidered and you can assign stitch type, stitch density and stitch angle to each area of the block. At any stage you can display a realistic preview of how it will look when embroidered, and go back as often as you like to get just the right effect.

Why Buy PE Design Plus?
PE Design Plus is very simple to use and default settings will usually give perfectly good results for simple designs.

Custom settings are few but individually quite powerful, so this makes PE Design Plus ideal for education - particularly for younger students. If original designs are created in 2D Design V2, and they fit a maximum hoop size of 200 x 300mm, then PE Design Plus is probably all you need.

Outputting the Design
The completed design can be saved on the computer as a .pes file for future use, and/or sent direct to the machine via USB or memory card. If using a USB connection, the card reader will need to remain connected since it also acts as the activation device for the software.

Embroidery, CAD/CAM, Textiles?

There are plenty of ways that CAD/CAM can be included in textiles work. Laser cutting, laser engraving, LIT and applied vinyls are just a few, but embroidery has to be an obvious one.

Latest Design - Proven Technology

Brother has a long-standing reputation for making high-quality sewing and embroidery machines for commercial and domestic markets, so you can be sure of reliability, long life and excellent back-up. Brother machines are built on a rigid metal chassis and feature computerised control systems so they are easy to use and have an up to the minute feel and look. The range includes computerised embroidery, sewing, or combined capability, so whatever resources you already have, there will be a Brother machine to take you on to the next level without making existing machines redundant. Above all, the Brother range offers exceptional functionality and quality at a very low price.

So Which Machine Should I Buy?

Do you need embroidery-only, sewing-only, or a combined capability? Hoop size is the next thing to look at and, for sewing machines, their capacity for managing larger size projects. The larger machines have additional features mainly to allow faster throughput of work and to allow thicker materials to be worked with ease. Stitch speed also increases as capacity increases. All machines come with a basic set of tools and accessories but some include a range of different feet for special applications such as quilting and appliqué. If high productivity is important and computer access is limited, then the machines with large design libraries and more comprehensive on-board editing features will certainly appeal.

Designing for CNC Embroidery

Designs can be derived from memory cards or on-boards libraries, but 2D Design V2 will give students all the tools they need to create original designs from scratch. The simplest route from 2D Design to an embroidered image is through PE Design Lite. Simply import the file, click ‘Auto-Punch’ and it’s ready to sew. The design will be saved onto the machine’s memory for future use, so PE Design is ready for the next student’s work. For simple designs and for hoop sizes up to 180 x 130mm, PE Design Lite will probably give you everything you need. PE Design 8 outputs to the entire Brother range and accommodates hoop sizes up to 300 x 200mm. It can be used to simply ‘process’ a design, but it also has an extensive range of tools to configure the stitch pattern. More advanced students may well need this level of sophistication where the embroidered effect is created as much by stitch type and configuration, as it is by the initial design.

What About PE Design Next?
PE Design Next will do everything that PE Design Plus will do – and a lot more besides. The in-built library of ready-to-sew fonts and motifs is vast, and there are tools to allow you to create and save your own stitch patterns, design elements and complete designs from scratch.

It is the ideal package for older students who need to work with specialist embroidery design software, and want unlimited opportunities to configure every detail of the embroidered effect. Files can be output to any Brother machine with hoop sizes up to 360 x 360mm.

The Cutwork Advantage
Cutwork provides a hardware upgrade for PR-650E and PR-1000E machines (see page 98), together with a software upgrade for PE Design Next. With Cutwork, four tiny blades replace four of the needles. Within the Cutwork output routine, these can be programmed to cut the fabric before or after any embroidery. The technique could be simply to provide CNC fabric cutting, to embroider and cut-out applique patches, or to embroider ‘pierced’ designs for broderie-anglaise effects.


Prices £                                                                                                 excluding VAT

Brother Software
TM-EMB-PEDESPLUS PE-Design Plus (Single Licence)
(For hoops up to 200 x 300mm)
*204.00 buy
TM-EMB-CWKIT1 Cutwork Kit for PR-1000E / PR-650E (requires PE Design Next) *334.00 buy
*These products are subsidised for education and can only be supplied to UK bona-fide educational establishments.
Embroidery Machines
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Software Information

Single License
PE Design in s single license with a USB card reader dongle.

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Windows XP / Vista / 7
Microsoft recommended minimum hardware specification advised
USB Port (Version 1.1 or higher)

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