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Roland3D Engrave

3D Design Software FREE with most Roland CNC Machines

Monkey in 2D Design

Outlines drawn in 2D Design

Monkey profiles extruded in 3D Engrave

Profiles extruded in 3D Engrave

Mould previewed in Virtual Modela

Mould previewed in Virtual Modela

3D Engrave has been created specifically to meet the needs of users who want to create exciting and interesting 3D objects, but at the same time cannot devote the time and intellectual rigour normally required by 3D software packages. This of course makes 3D Engrave ideal for educational use.

The aim of the software is to create a 3D design starting with a 2D image.

3D Engrave has its own range of simple 2D drawing tools, or a bitmap or vector image may be loaded (2D Design images are ideal). For each region in the design choose a cross sectional profile and a depth, and hey presto, the image is extruded into 3D.

3D Engrave is ideal for product modelling, dies for vacuum forming, moulds and patterns for casting, badges, sweet moulds, etc. Before machining your model it is advisable to simulate the machining process. Virtual Modela, which links automatically to 3D Engrave, provides a 3D simulation of manufacturing as well as an estimate of real machining time.

Once you are happy with both the finished model and the machining time you can commit to manufacture. Output is provided for all Roland 3D manufacturing machines.


Monkey Key Fob:
Pewter cast in a jelutong mould machined from 3D Engrave